Monday, July 30, 2012

It's Not Broccoli that Keeps Me from Losing Weight

I'm trying a new strategy this week, instead of the protein shakes. See, in the deepest, darkest recesses of my mind, I have to admit that I am horribly lactose intolerant. I was before WLS, and I am even more so after weight loss surgery. And last week, with only Premier protein shakes (milk-based) and a bunch of non-fat milk in my ever-present hot tea...well, I spent the week like a blown up balloon with a sputtering end.

Yeah, me and Miguel both.
It's time to test it and prove it and live with the results. Even though I love milk in my tea! I don't mind soy milk or rice or almond...though I don't like vanilla-flavored anything (but ice cream!), so switching off milk for my tea is a bit of a pain. And there was the one day that I decided to forego all milk in my tea...and it made me terribly nauseous. One might think that should make me evaluate whether I should even be DRINKING the tea, but I'm not ready to go there. :) Since I don't drink pop after my WLS, and I've never liked coffee...well, if I rule out tea, that just leaves me with...gasp...water. And I'm not ready to go there, yuck. Oh, I do drink a lot of Crystal Light, too. Raspberry iced tea is my favorite. I have a couple other flavors I will tolerate.

Okay, so this week the challenge will be to avoid all dairy and gluten. (Gluten simply because I can see if it affects the bloated feeling, as well as my digestive issues, but mainly because it will keep me from eating crackers and such like a mad-woman. Which was kind of the point of the whole liquid diet, haha.)

For breakfast I had a hard-boiled egg. I need to bring some from home, because I cannot tell you how silly it is to pay $1.00 for a hard-boiled egg. Grr. Lunch was tofu, tuna salad, kidney and garbanzo beans, green beans and broccoli. It was less than $3.00 from my pay-by-the-pound salad bar at work. Pre-op, lunches there cost me $11.25, six weeks post-op: $1.20. So today I was hungrier, but not exponentially so, haha.

On my way to the salad bar, I was feeling a little guilty for not sticking to the protein shakes. But I don't have any dairy-free with me, and I am woman enough to tell you that yesterday I was so stinking constipated I took a laxative. So it was a spur of the moment decision to take advantage of my clean pipes and see how dairy and gluten free living affect me. 

Besides, I thought, it's not too much broccoli that's been keeping me from losing weight these last few months! As my daughter said this morning, when I was on my quitting smoking sugar binge, she gained four pounds. :( Insert very sad mommy face here. I just had so much more sugar and junk around the house, and my baby suffers from the same challenges as her mommy. How awful do you suppose I felt, knowing that my little sugar-bender was fattening her up, too, when she's been working as hard as she is? Anyway, she reported this morning that she's down to her lowest weight in recent history, and to not bring any more sugar into the house. :) Deal!

Hey - I am six weeks smoke-free today. Haven't taken the Chantix for at least a couple weeks now, either, so I'm flying solo. My weight is back down to less than before I quit and things are looking good. All systems go!


  1. Almond milk is my new favorite (unsweetened, unflavored). It is creamy and yummy and only 35 calories. I am lactose intolerant as well (no wonder Premier Protein shakes make me gassy.. haha).

    Hope the cleanse works for you! :)

  2. I'm starting to think everyone is lactose intolerant. My naturalpath doctor says milk is for baby calves. An Asian friend once asked me if I've ever seen a fat Asian immigrate to Canada? They're usually skinny when they arrive and bulk up as they start incorporating a North American diet which includes milk. (They all drink soy milk). Food for thought!

  3. You can do it! Go find those Vega Gluten/Lactose free Protein shakes. You are going to be so proud of yourself when you accomplish this this week.

  4. I say this every time, but... you crack me up.

    fyi... both my kids were chubby and struggled with their weight from about 2nd to 7th grade. Unfortunately, they both suffer from my eating issues. But.... as you can see from recent pics on my blog, both are now fit and trim. They had to learn early on that healthy, moderate eating and consistent exercise are key. And life long.

    Good for your daughter and YOU for helping her.

  5. Get a protien powder and mix with almond or coconut milk. you can just take it to work and get a shaker - super easy to do.

    So proud of you setting a great example for your daughter

  6. I too have gluten and dairy issues. I love almond milk and yogurt. It is a tough transition but once you see how good it makes you feel it is well worth it! After months of being back on gluten/dairy I have been free again for about 6 weeks and the bloat and pain are gone and so are 4 lbs :-) Good luck, I have some good (I think anyways) recipes on my blog for GF/DF.

  7. My daughter was recently diagnosed as lactose intolerant. It actually started when she was 15, which is a weird age to have that problem. She does take the lactaid pills once in a while to help her digest lactose when she really craves something like ice cream, but otherwise she prefers the plain soy milks. I should buy some vanilla-flavored soy milk to replace my coffee creamer. I use the syrups, but I like cream-colored coffee too. I'm weird that way.