Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Protein Shake: Tastes Like Nestle Quik if You Delude Yourself

Freakout weight: 149.9
Today's weight: 146.3
Freak factor: Still High, but waning

Oooo, oh, yum, how much do I love me a good protein shake? Uh, not much. But I did stick to the liquid diet yesterday. I actually only had one protein shake all day, followed by a reasonable dinner at home. One slider burger and bun, a small salad, a bunch of roasted asparagus and bell pepper. Uhhh, a couple very small handfuls of tortilla chips.

It wasn't my intention to only have one protein shake. I'm not trying to starve myself to death. :) And I did have many cups of Earl Grey tea with non-fat milk, so I'm feeling comfortable with yesterday's eating. Believe me, I've overindulged enough lately that a day of starvation-lite isn't going to kill me. So although I didn't intend to only have one shake, I also didn't plan well for the day. I brought plenty of shakes to work with me, but then forgot to grab one when I left for the day. That would have been the time to slip in another shake!

Now, if I wasn't at freakout factor "MAX FREAK" yesterday, I would have allowed myself that I had done well all day and could stop for something to eat (I had an appointment after work, so I wasn't going straight home to make dinner). But I resisted. Tough it out, I said to myself. In a very. firm. voice.

Yesterday, I busied myself with rationalizations and a tiny bit of self-forgiveness. Perhaps my weight gain isn't as high as I first panicked. After all, I've only hit 141 twice, on two separate days. Generally, I am hanging out at 142-144 from day to day. And when I first wrote yesterday's blog, I called out a nine pound gain in five weeks since quitting smoking. I only count whole numbers on the scale (c'mon, gimme that much, wouldya?), so 149-141 = 8 pounds. Although 149.9 is about as close to 150 as you can get, haha.

Regardless - I'm not rationalizing myself out of the liquid diet. Whether it's eight or nine pounds, or five or six off my "typical" weight: I feel the difference. I see the difference. My clothes were becoming uncomfortable. My discomfort was affecting what I chose to wear in the morning. I was "glamming down," and wearing t-shirts and hoodies more...comfort clothes. Self-pity clothes.

Now, I didn't get up to the Y to work out yesterday. Greg came up at dinner time, and it was a rushed evening getting to that point. My workouts last week were lackluster, as well:

7/15: Half-marathon! 13.1 miles in 2:49. You go, girl!
7/16: Kickboard several laps in the pool, lounged in the hot tub
7/18: 2 miles on treadmill in 32 minutes, plus lots of ab workouts
7/21 AM: 1.73 miles on treadmill at 15% incline (steep!!) in 35 minutes.
7/21 PM: Took daughter to scope out route of our 5K on 9/9. 3.1 mile leisurely walk

Oh dear, are you looking for more? That was it, I'm afraid. The lack of training for the half marathon impacted me, and my left knee and right ankle protested whenever I tried to move too quickly. They were also sore when I went too long. At this point, they're not sore, and I'm hoping to put in a good workout at the Y tonight.

Hey, I've picked up a few new followers on the blog! Welcome, welcome! It is so nice to have you here, thank you for reading. My blog is a bit scattered and split-personality (not unlike me in real life, ha!) as I write about my weight loss surgery and weight loss journey, now this new foray into running (supposing I haven't killed that off early with my knee and ankle, haha) and general life and love stuff. Single parenting, sexy new boyfriend who would die if he found out I was blogging about him (I'm working on developing a "private life," haha, it is challenging for me). I love reading blogs and will come find yours, too, if I haven't already!


  1. I hope your daughter likes the route - its a perfect first 5K super flat!

  2. I look forward to getting to the point that I can have a "freak out" weight. lol.

  3. You didn't go out for pizza and drink huckleberry (vodka) lemonades at the local sports bar last night? Good for you, good for you. That makes one of us.

  4. nice workouts! better than most people (ahem, MOI) can say!! LOL ;)

  5. yay for walking the 5K route! I firmly believe that helped me tremendously in my first 5K. After doing the course a couple of times I knew where I could push myself because I had done it "in practice". I will be very excited to see how you two do!

  6. Great workouts, especially after the half ;) You need to allow your body to heal for a bit after running that so think of it that way.