Thursday, July 26, 2012

Getting Excited - Snohomish River Run

Now that I've put a little distance between myself and my first half marathon (e.g. my left knee and right ankle seem to have forgiven me), I'm getting excited for my next race! I'll be doing the Snohomish River Run on Saturday, October 27th. (Note to self: find alternate childcare that day, as it is my kid-weekend!) 

The Snohomish River Run will be perfect for me, because it is a flat course. Plus, it's in a scenic area. As a new runner, and a self-conscious runner, I would not be excited about a course through downtown Seattle or such. I don't need the pressure of a bazillion fans asking each other, "Didn't her mom ever tell her she runs funny??"

As you may recall, I went into the See Jane Run half quite unprepared. I planned to run/walk, then once I got there, I got the fever and ended up my-version-of-running-which-is-not-fast-but-is-not-walking. This time, I'm going at it with a bit more preparation. 

Right now I'm reading:

Smart Marathon Training


Beginner's Half-marathon Trainer

By "reading," I mean I've picked them up from the library and intend to start reading them. But my 13yo daughter has been reading Smart Marathon Training at home this week. She's called me at work to make a few comments about what she's read. So proud of her! She and I are also doing the Iron Girl 5K on 9/9. We went to Green Lake and walked the course last weekend, although we are planning to run the 5K.

Exciting! Who knew that I'd actually get interested in running? Not me, that's for sure. Now I'm a little on the obsessed side. :)

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  1. Woo hoo! Smart girl. Aren't you just about 14 weeks out? Better get on that book, or at least flip to the training plan.