Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Plan? We Don't Need No Steenkin New Plan!

Freakout weight: 149.9
Today's weight: 142.6
Freakout factor: Cautiously optimistic

Well, that was just delightful to get on the scale this morning! I was hoping for results like this, since I have been putting in the effort to chug down these protein shakes. Yesterday, it was two protein shakes (I drink Premier Protein from Costco) and a reasonable dinner. Roasted asparagus and bell peppers, sauteed tofu and water chestnuts. Um, a couple small handfuls of tortilla chip crumbs (WHEN WILL THIS BAG BE GONE, ALREADY??). A couple sugar free popsicles before bed. Yum. I forgot how much I loves me some sugar free popsicles! 

Okay, so it's day three of the protein shake diet. As I recall, when I was pre-op, day three was about when my body threw in the towel and stopped crying about starvation. It's worth mentioning that post-op liquid diet and pre-op liquid diet are not in the same realm of suffering or effort! I remember that pre-op diet, ugh. Those first few days, I was drinking probably five shakes a day. :) And spending every waking moment thinking about how hungry I was: until dinner time, when I very much stretched the limits of "small dinner" that I was allowed on my surgeon's plan. But I lost nine pounds in the two weeks before surgery, so it did work. 

Post-op, I truly think it's more the habit of eating that kills you, rather than actual hunger. I am not generally a breakfast eater. But every work day, I stop at SBUX in my building lobby on the way to my desk. And every morning, without fail, I muse about getting a donut or a scone or a muffin. I don't even really like them! Okay, I do love a good maple bar. :) If SBUX sold maple bars, I'd be in serious trouble. So, even though I'm not a sweets eater, and not a breakfast eater, and even though I almost never, ever get food from SBUX...every morning my brain throws out the suggestion, somewhat hopefully.

On a liquid diet, my brain throws out the same suggestion, along with many others. At triple the volume. How about a breakfast sandwich? How about a hard-boiled egg and string cheese? How about some pita chips? How about...

My brain and stomach are in collusion, and it's psychological warfare. I'm holding firm. Imagine if I stick to this liquid diet, as planned? Maybe I'll finally get below goal weight, after oh, seven months or so of hovering within a pound or two. :) I think over the course of this year I've shown that I can maintain my weight pretty well. What if I stick to this diet and get to re-set my maintenance weight to the mid-130s instead of low-140s?

What if I do eat my own arm, as I was plotting yesterday? :)


  1. But an egg and string cheese would be a great breakfast. I have a love hate relationship with Starbucks...main I love their pastries.

  2. Yum. Very berry coffee cake. My brain says I always deserve one, since I don't go to Starbucks **that** often. I may need a liquid diet.

  3. You are doing amazing!!! Keep up the hard work Julie!!

  4. Awesome weigh in. Wootytooty!

    See. No need to eat your arm off. ;)