Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Am I Really the Dolt Who Said This??

From yesterday's blog:

"For sure, the next ten work days will be protein shakes during the day. This one is actually pretty easy for me, and it has had a big benefit in the past."

Ohmygosh, I'm dying here. Day two of the liquid diet and I am about to eat my own arm.

Send help. It will be challenging to re-learn to type one-handed.

Ta ("Thank you" typed with only my left-hand)

hnk ou ("Thank you" typed with only my right hand. Maybe I should eat my left hand. But I *am* left-handed. Decisions, decisions. Which will taste better with protein-shake sauce?)


  1. I say eat the right. I am partial to the left. (I am a lefty) Bwahaha.

  2. sounds like its time for a new plan! I only have on hand tonihgt because I burned my left and it sucks to type.

  3. I'm thinking the arm is going to have way too many calories to eat it. You might need a new plan.