Thursday, July 26, 2012


Goodness, I had to call timeout on the protein shake diet this afternoon. I've *never* had this happen, but at almost 3:00 p.m., my hands started shaking like a leaf. Shortly afterward, I was shaking all over and feeling lightheaded. Oops! I guess it was time for some real food. I had a protein shake in the morning, plus tons of tea with milk (even whole milk at G's this morning). I had a chocolate coconut water (?) today, too. And a half a pickle.

Regardless, I hit the wall and got the shakes, big time. I went over and picked up a late lunch: salad with kidney beans and garbanzo beans, a little bleu cheese, a hunk of tofu. Beets. I'm feeling better now. Still a little lightheaded. I'm planning to do my three one-mile walks this afternoon, but if I am still a little woozy, I may take the bus. It's "hot" here today by Seattle standards. But I am well-hydrated and ready to hit the road. Will update later.


  1. Yikes... take it easy. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Looks like you can't starve your little tiny body like you could before. Lesson learned. Take care of yourself:)

  3. Girl you need a little more - even 2 protien shakes during the day would help.