Monday, July 30, 2012

Back on Track

Freakout weight (last Monday): 149.9
Today's weight: 141.1
Freakout factor: Not freaked!! This is my lowest weight yet

I'll eat realllllllly good today/tonight, because I am a mere 0.2 pounds off my original goal. (!!!) As you know, in my world, I only count whole numbers on the scale (except to tell you that I am 0.2 pounds off my goal, hahaha, this system of mine is really designed to favor me, not the scale!). So 140.9 is "140," pure and simple. It's the way I've done it all along, so it's not cheating even when I'm done this close to goal! My other non-cheater cheat is that I do not record upticks on my weight tracker, above, or over at

Anyway. I didn't do the liquid diet this weekend. I honestly didn't even really consider it too much. :) I was mindful about my eating...except for these infernal chocolate chip cookie bars that G. had made and I couldn't keep my stinking hands off all weekend! But, generally, I would say I did quite well. Maintenance eating, not weight loss eating.

This week, it's all about getting back on track with the exercise. I really stumbled last week.

(You can TOTALLY tune out these next several paragraphs. Sum it all up with "EXCUSES.")

I have been seeing a massage therapist twice a week specifically for my shoulder injury incurred on New Year's Eve. Oh my, does she ever make it feel so much better! I had an MRI some time ago and there's no rotater cuff tear. I probably have a "SLAP injury," a tear in another part of the cartilage that's not as horrific as a rotater cuff tear. But still terribly painful! Anyway, the massage two evenings a week is really eating into my schedule.

Add in that my ex-MIL is watching my youngest during the day (which is awesome!), but she lives 20 miles away through traffic. So on "my" kid days, I've got to factor in some commuting to pick him up. Ex-MIL has been awesome, though, letting me pick him up late in the evening so I can get Alli up to the Y. That has been a tremendous, tremendous help, because honestly, if I had to go straight down to her place to pick him up... the odds of taking Alli to the Y after all that running around would be quite slim.

My big challenge, though, is that I need to figure out a way to work in exercise at G's house. I spent the bulk of the tail end of the week with him, as it was my kid-free weekend. That is lost time that I *could* but doing something, but am not*. (*Oh, we get plenty of exercise, though, wink, wink) He has a treadmill: it has no TV and its stride is a little weird for me, but it would certainly be do-able if I weren't such a baby! He also lives by a state park with a very cool trail system.

Cool trails by G's house. This is a half-marathon route for 9/8/12.
We do stay busy, too. We put in a very long day on Saturday crabbing and boating, then cooking and shelling our bountiful crab haul, which took a very long time. Saturday was actually pretty exhausting! It was a total blast, though.

We got 13 Dungeoness crab, the smallest was 7" across!

Okay, so a plan for the week. I've talked to my daughter, who suggests we squeeze in a half-hour workout at the Y tonight instead of the hour we've been doing. I think my next post will be about her pure awesomeness and how she's thrown herself into working out. At 7:30 a.m. this morning she texted me that she had already run a mile and walked two around her dad's neighborhood! And she's calling me at work to make sure I'm taking her to the Y tonight! Plus, this weekend was the first time she ran outside and she is super-excited about it, and our upcoming 5K, which she is now feeling very confident about running the whole way.

Monday: massage, 1/2 hour treadmill at the Y
Tuesday: Alli appt in evening, 1/2 hour at the Y
Wednesday: G's house...hmm, maybe walk the trails?
Thursday: massage, kid-free night, long workout - Alli can probably come
Friday: long workout w/ Alli at Y

Sort of lame, but I'll work on shoring it up.


  1. How awesome that your daughter is so motivating!! Make sure to tell her she rocks!! Have fun at the Y! :)

  2. Alli is inspiring me these days. She finished her workout before I got out of bed. What a stud.

  3. I really like walking with my husband, so if you can get G to go on the trails too, I highly recommend it!

    Your daughter rocks!