Monday, October 31, 2011

My Elevator Doesn't Go All the Way to the Top

Oh, people are always saying that about me, anyway! ;) But in this case, it's true. Or that's my goal, anyway. In an effort to revitalize my exercise efforts, I've decided that I have to take the stairs from the mid-building lobby to my office. Every. time.

Now, there may be times that I have to take the elevator, I suppose. And after all this flippin' stair climbing today, we'll see how sore my legs are tomorrow! I've gone up and down 12 flights four five times today, so far. As I mentioned in this morning's blog, I noticed after going down 20 flights last week, I pretty much fried my calf muscles. Since it has been almost a week of them hurting, I decided the only way to make it better was to work those muscles! Clearly, babying them was not helping.

But that's the plan. In order to allow myself trips on the elevator when necessary (I can't actually think of when it will be *necessary,* but still, it will happen), I'm going to say every day this week I will complete six trips up and down the 12 flights, or 1440 round-trip stairs a day. That's actually fairly reasonable, considering arrival and departure, lunch, meetings, etc. I may have to force in an extra trip or two a day, but it takes surprisingly little time to complete! About five four minutes, or so. I haven't timed it in awhile.

My stair-climbing girlfriend and I have really stumbled on our stair work outs, I'm afraid. She works a flex schedule, and has conflicts, etc. etc. and I am ashamed to say that I have let her lack of engagement drive my own commitment to doing the stairs, as well. It's just so much more fun to do with a friend! We are still trying to work it into the schedule, but definitely you have to be committed to it, or it doesn't happen. I need to make it happen!!

So that's the plan for the week. It's actually the plan for the month of November, but we'll take it week by week. I am hopeful that I won't be too sore tomorrow to keep up my resolve. It shouldn't be a problem - I am well-used to the long climbs up the stairs, but the downstairs run was surprisingly difficult to recover from!


  1. Sounds like a good plan!

    I am moving to a new building next week and we are on the 22nd floor....yea I don't think I will be taking the stairs. :)