Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rainy Sunday

I am doing the domestic violence volunteer gig today, from 11-7, or in police-speak, 1100-1900. It is *POURING* down rain! I am not pleased, but really, people probably tend to have worse days on ugly, rainy days than on gorgeous sunny maybe I'll be more helpful today. As per usual, I have waited until the last minute to think of any food to bring with me to the station...I almost always bring the police a treat, but it almost always makes me almost late to my shift, haha. EVERY TIME, I think, "I'm going to make them something!" Uhh, I never have. Yesterday, I thought I would make them snickerdoodles, when my mom mentioned a yummy snickerdoodle recipe at But my parents were here ALL DAY yesterday, and we all went to my son's football game, and, and, and. It wasn't meant to be. :) A more diligent chef would have stayed up late and made the cookies, but I am not a more diligent chef.

Down another pound - I am closing in on the 100 pound mark. Astounding. It feels wonderful, and also pretty crappy that I had allowed myself to get where I needed to lose over 100 pounds. :(

I have been taking those iron supplements consistently, and I gotta tell ya - it's making me as constipated as hell. No fun!

A couple weeks ago, we had food allergy testing done on my little wildcat (six-year-old son). The results came back super allergic to all dairy and super allergic to all wheat. Sigh. Okay - actually my ex had the testing done, as a prelude to trying any ADHD meds on him. I am more skeptical about this sort of thing, in part because my ex has dug in so hard on it, and we've gotten into a push/pull dynamic here. Anyway, we are planning a dairy- and wheat-free diet for him. For all of us. Oy. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD THAT IS?? There is actually a lot of info about it, and I know for many parents of autistic kids, they swear by a GFCF diet (gluten free/casein free). My son is not autistic, but he is off-the-charts ADHD. I had bought a book, The ADHD and Autism Cookbook, some time ago, as this is something my ex and I have discussed for awhile. We've both wondered if this diet would help my son. It's only been my reluctance to jump into it that has held me back. So much work.

Anyway, we're on! I'll probably blather about it endlessly here for awhile, but I haven't started formulating a plan yet. It kind of stinks that I had such a great day with my parents yesterday and have the full volunteer shift today, because ready or not, the kids will be home tomorrow and I have to figure out a plan for the week.

Have a great day!


  1. I happen to know that the blue bag of Doritos are gluten free. Aren't I helpful?
    Hey, you've got to get on board, what if this really works? You can do it!

  2. Julie, email me if you ever need help with the special diet--one of my children is allergic to wheat, eggs, and dairy and we've been doing this for years. It's actually pretty compatible with the post-VSG diet.

  3. Probably a good call on NOT making the snickerdoodles...I hate baking and not eating. :( I hope you can figure out what will work for your son. Maybe this site will have some ideas/recipes or just some info for you:

  4. that should read *not eating what I bake*