Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Legs are Crying

Deep, wracking sobs, with every upward step I take. This morning, I actually didn't want to get off the bus, because it would mean going to my building, which would mean taking the stairs. I was having a "Monster at the End of this Book" moment, where every page led inexorably to the dreaded monster, e.g. stairwell.

But I survived my first 12-flight run. It was really more like a crawl, I think. You'll see that I put a little exercise tracker at the top of the blog. My plan is up and down 12 flights, six times a day, or 2880 stairs per day. Plus, I have a sneaky challenge in there, in that November actually includes three holidays for me, so stair climbs for those days will have to be distributed over the remaining days. I set the dates from 10/31 - 12/2. It wasn't too hard to work in the six runs a day, with getting to and from the office, lunch, tea breaks. Both days I had to force in one extra run in order to make it work - one run just for the sake of getting it done.

Today will be a challenge because I'm out of the office for a seminar from 10-3-ish. That means I'm going to really have to push it to get these stair climbs in today!

Anyway, yesterday I was all reveling in my new-found stair bad-assery. This morning, my legs are weary and I am a little less gleeful about my plan, haha. But let's git er done!


  1. Hmmmm....your legs might need some cross training. Maybe stairs one day and then laps around the office another? Haha, screaming pain is tough.

  2. my legs are hurting just from reading that!

  3. Love the new ticker and your renewed committment to the dreaded stairs. Just keep thinking about how great your legs will continue to look in your hot boots!