Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Iron Update and Ugh, That Hair!

Looking at my pictures from yesterday, I can only say...ugh, that hair!! I know I have lost 50% of the thickness. No lie. And all my life my hair has been stick-straight, and now it's just downright curly! I think that's an aging thing, though, not a weight loss thing. Curly is fine - it's just so odd, since it just keeps getting curlier and curlier.

I went looking on for a picture of my hair back when I had my first kiddo - but all I can find is me, blonde, when second kiddo was coming up on a year old. Wow, have I ever changed!

August 2002
Anyway - I am having another iron IV infusion tomorrow afternoon, and I am excited! Plus, I have successfully taken the iron supplement at bedtime for four or five days now. I am taking it with food, and it is only making me moderately ill. Blech. The IV supplement is much faster, though!

The hematologist did some blood work last week on my liver, kidneys and thyroid and all was well, so he thinks another 1-2 IV infusions ought to get me where I need to be. 

Darn the luck, I had to reschedule tomorrow's massage appointment to this afternoon to accommodate the IV infusion. Self-care is torture! ;)


  1. I like you better with your reddish hair...

    Enjoy your massage! I had one on Monday, loved it.

  2. WOW, you have changed a LOT! I think the darker suits you better as well, but it's nice to know you can pull off either look. ;-)

    Good luck with the iron infusion, um that doesn't sound fun. :-( I am hoping to not be so low on iron that I need to supplement. At 6 months post op I was "low, but not anemic" so we decided to wait to make a decision until the one year...which is quickly approaching.

  3. Thanks ladies! I won't do blonde again - it's not a good fit for my coloring. Back in those days, I was getting it highlighted more and more until I had overblonded it, and one day I thought, what the hell have I done to my hair??

    That was also back in the day of the $200-300 visits to the salon. :| I don't play that way anymore. :)