Friday, November 12, 2010

IV Iron Infusion - Good News Follow-Up!

Happy news! Unexpected, too. I have a voice mail on my phone from the hematologist: my ferritin levels are normal! This, before my second IV infusion, even, as they took the blood to test when they got my infusion going on Wednesday. I've got a call into their office, I'm not sure what my number is (nor exactly what it would mean if I *did* know, haha). I know that per his testing, my ferritin level was 3 before the first infusion, and he wanted to get it above 50.

They had scheduled me for a third IV for next week, but the message was to cancel that appointment. Instead, I'll go back during Thanksgiving week to have my blood drawn again to see where the level has stabilized after the second infusion.

I heard back from the doctor's office: my ferritin level is at 48, as tested on Wednesday before my second infusion. So, my level is probably even higher now. The target was to get it above 50, so we're in like Flynn! (was going to say, 'so Bob's your uncle!' here, but decided to go with a slightly less obscure exclamation.)

This is very interesting, because it means my blood is getting back to where it should be, and I should be reaping the rewards!

Also, the hematologist called in a prescription for Vitamin D for me. He does not like those levels, either, and wants to get them boosted. I will be taking 50,000 IUI once a week, indefinitely, just like a certain awesome runner friend of mine. My GP, who is opposed to high dosages of Vitamin D, is just going to have to stuff it on this one. I'd like to get my iron, VitD and B-12 levels to normal-people levels and see how that affects my day to day life for a change.

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