Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Costco's Protein Drink and More Thoughts on the Surgery

Really, that's the best one of the bunch, I suppose. It looks like the brand is "Premier Nutrition," but mostly, it just says "Protein" in big letters down the front of the box. It's 3 grams of fat and 30 grams of protein. Tastes yummy. Sells for pretty cheap at Costco.

My ranty post yesterday about deciding to have the surgery was purely for my benefit. I am blessed with friends who support my decision, but not blindly: asking the same questions I am asking myself, coaxing me to think through the things I need to resolve. I don't want to second guess my decision after the surgery, so I need to make my peace with it before the big day! And it is a struggle for me. By nature, I am very, very hard on myself and my perceived failings. My weight, my body, my health - I have a lot of regrets and recriminations about it. So, the last thing I want to be doing after the surgery is kicking myself for having it. I know me: I have to work through all my feelings, so when I'm recovering and need my gallbladder out, while I'm standing there holding fistfuls of my own hair...well, I need to know that I thought it all through and made peace with my decision.

(Hopefully, this scenario won't play out! Instead, I'll be rocking my ever-shrinking body and bouncing off the walls with all my newfound freedom and energy.)

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