Monday, November 22, 2010


I'm a couple weeks out from my second iron infusion, and I have to! I think I am feeling much better! I have noticed that I am waking up before the alarm in the morning, and actually getting up. Pre-iron, I would hit the snooze button a million times and finally drag myself out of bed at the last possible minute.

Also, I'm not so tired in the evening. I'm getting more things done and not collapsing into bed at the earliest possible moment.

Finally - I am not so irritable. This is really quite remarkable, as it's hard for me to recognize irritability as a valid side effect of low iron. But also, I haven't understood why I'm so damn irritable without good reason. And lately...well, I'm just not. Sure, I'm still bitchy and overwhelmed sometimes, but largely, I think the difference in my mood is pretty darn noticeable.

I've also taken three of my weekly 50,000 IUI vitamin D capsules. Three? Hmm, I'll have to check. I got the prescription a week and a half or so ago...maybe I've only taken it twice. Anyway, between the iron and the vitamin D...well, I daresay I am feeling human again!!

I get my blood levels checked on Wednesday afternoon. I am very interested to see where everything stands. Also, I find it interesting that I stopped taking antidepressants in late July. I have to say that all these months later...I don't miss them. I would say I feel the same or better as I did when I was on the antidepressants. When my moods are blue or even bleak, they are the same blueness or bleakness as when I was on the antidepressant. When I am feeling good, which is generally most times...I feel as good or better as when I was taking the antidepressant. And I don't have to deal with all the yucky side effects.

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