Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Iron Infusion

Yesterday, I saw the hematologist for the first time. He reviewed my lab results and said I should have an IV iron infusion to boost my iron levels. With the infusion, I can expect my energy levels to increase and the quality of my sleep to improve dramatically! I AM SO EXCITED!

The doctor thinks that several things drove down my iron levels over the course of time: two pregnancies, six months of heavy periods after I had one five-year Mirena IUD removed and then six weeks of heavy flow after I had another Mirena IUD inserted. The biggest culprit, however? Years of regular blood donations, but over the last two years, I've donated pretty consistently every 56 days or so. Whenever the blood drive showed up at work, I made an appointment and donated.

Since I don't eat a lot of meat, and don't take iron supplements, the doctor thinks I ran down my iron supplies and never replenished them. Our new plan is an IV infusion this afternoon, followed by new blood tests in 10 days. We'll keep doing the IVs until my iron levels are holding at a respectable number, then he'll give me prescription iron supplements.

I. am. so. excited!! I have been feeling like C-R-A-P for months and months now, and it has been a driving force in my decision to have the gastric sleeve operation. I figured I had reached maximum density: the point where I was so obese that there was no saving myself from myself. Blech. Too tired to work out, too tired to improve my life. I'm still committed to the gastric sleeve, but *NOW* I can get my blood levels fixed and go into the procedure with some momentuum! Energy - exercise - strength. Much, much better place to be!

The doctor said he wants to get my ferritin level to 50. I am currently at zero. He says I have a long way to go, probably will take several IVs, but I should start feeling a noticeable improvement very soon. YAY!

More on this following my first IV this afternoon.

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