Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Iron and CPAP Machine...Restful Bliss? I Think Not!

So, yesterday I had my first IV iron infusion. It was uneventful, except that I had to get poked twice for the IV needle. No side effects, no rash, no constricted breathing. Just me and a recliner and a heated blankie, kicking back reading a book for an hour. Niiiiiiiiicccceee.

Originally, I was scheduled to go back next week for another blood test, but this morning they called and changed the appointment to another transfusion. Apparently, my levels are so low, they've decided I can have three infusions before they even begin to wonder what level I'm at, haha.

Now, foolishly or not, I was hoping - praying - that I would wake up this morning feeling like a BRAND NEW WOMAN!! Sadly, I do not. I actually feel pretty awful. Not sure if it is from the infusion, or from the first night sleeping with a CPAP machine for my mild sleep apnea.

See, last night, the medical supply company brought over my CPAP and taught me how to use it. I had a pretty rough night's sleep with it, waking up a few times, not getting comfortable, etc.

But I feel worse than just *tired,* so we will say that it is from a combination of the infusion and the CPAP. Regardless, I am pouty and whiny this morning, and I am eating a turkey pot pie for lunch along with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy, and this proves a couple things:

- There is a reason I am obese. Duh.
- Comfort food = gold.

Hopefully tonight will go better. I was pretty tyrannical to my kids this morning, and, uh, last night. Mommy needs some good, high quality sleep.

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