Monday, November 15, 2010

Going in the Wrong Direction

My little web counter at the top of the page says it's been over four weeks since I quit smoking. Yay, me!! However, I can really feel it in my clothing. The jeans that had gotten so baggy they were really pretty inappropriate for work? Well, they're snug now. :(

On the good side, I have played "Just Dance 2" several times, including for a good 4-5 songs last night. It may not be a strict exercise regime, but it is a work out, and it is something, anyway.

Also, did I mention I'm a NON-SMOKER?? This, in itself, is very good news. And except for those first couple days, I didn't even really struggle much with it. It was time. However, as usual, when I've quit, my sweet tooth comes roaring to life with a vengeance.

Now that I'll be one month smoke-free tomorrow, it's time to reign that monster in. If I continue to gain weight, my insurance company may decide that I am not a good candidate for weight loss surgery (WLS). And it's mid-November! The new year is creeping up on me quickly - and so is the potential surgery date.

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