Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gettin' Bizzy

Freakout weight: 145.1
Today's weight 142.9

See, if I just cut the dry cereal out of my life my weight will fall back into place. :) On Monday, I only had protein shakes and tea with soy milk during the day, then I ate like a ravenous pig a sensible dinner. Just like the SlimFast commercials say to do, haha. Actually, I only had *one* protein shake that day, which was just downright foolish. Yuck, I just hate protein shakes. Tuesday, I vowed to do better. Protein shakes are just so gross.

By lunchtime yesterday, though, I decided I couldn't choke down another protein shake, so I got a sushi roll. Yum. And then my eating sort of fell apart at night - not horribly, but not good. I had acorn squash, and uhh, gosh, I can't even remember. There were Honey Nut Cheerios involved while I sat in front of the computer, however. And eating until I was too full. I really have to get a rein on this somehow.

It is amazing, though, how much different your body feels with just a few pounds, or probably more like it, how your body feels eating different foods. I remember getting into the car on Sunday to go to the 5K and LAX seminar. I felt so heavy and nasty and bloated. And I just felt like eating and eating. I was claustrophobic in my clothes and in the space I was occupying in the car.

After the 5K, I felt so much better. That yucky bloaty feeling was gone. So, naturally, I ate a cupcake, because, well, that's how I roll. And it was there. Oops!

Today, I made the effort to be able to ride my bike to the P&R, just so I could grab a little much-missed cycling time. I ended up riding to the closer P&R because I checked time and saw that I was really running ridiculously late. Still, it was a nice little ride and it keeps that Strava tracker in the upper right corner here from screaming, "NOTHING! NOTHING! SHE'S DONE NOTHING THIS WEEK!!"

After work, I'm going to sneak in a longer ride before going home to the kiddos. We've shaken the schedule up a bit and they're staying with me on what would normally be dad-days. But it's so nice outside! I'll either finish my normal ride across the Lake Washington bridges or slip in this little loop I've been doing near my house. I'm wearing jeans, which I tied to my ankles with socks this morning, haha. I need some bike clothes. I did wear my fancy new cycling jacket, which I love.

Bike commuting is not actually going to work for me, I think. Logistically, it is just a giant pain in the ass in the morning. We'll see. I'm still playing with it. But tying my jeans to my ankles with socks did not make me happy. Plus, they were still dragging on the chain.

Another busy weekend lies ahead! On Saturday morning I will be splitting myself into two super-moms and attempting to attend both Alli's XC meet (a real one, against another school, whilst wearing official t-shirts!) and Blake's first playoff football game of the season. Blake's football team was UNSTOPPABLE this season, with only one loss and one tie (which was frustrating and anticlimactic after a hard battle between two powerful teams). I'll miss some of Blake's football game but it will work out.

I'm trying to talk myself into going to the mountain bike park by myself later Saturday. My MTB friend seems to think I can do this - although I am terribly intimidated at the thought. Funny how I can be confident in general, but situations like this, even those that I REALLY WANT TO DO, I am just as intimidated as heck. Going to the MTB park, doing the bike club group rides, etc. It's hard to jump into this stuff feeling like such a newb. I did, however, join a MTB group that will hopefully get me pointed in the right direction. And my friend is always feeding me information about where to go, and just cheerleading in general.

So that's Saturday. On Sunday morning, my friend Tina and I are going to do one of the bike club group rides. Or this one. Probably that second one. I am very excited! This is technically the longest ride I've done, but I've done several of them in the 30-34 mile range. I'm more excited that it's a group ride and that second ride is in my stomping grounds - a ride that I can easily go out and repeat myself whenever I feel like it. Actually, I've done a chunk of that one before, along the east side of Lake Sammamish.

Oooo, look, a cool blog toy!! There's the second ride. Tina has just weighed in that this is her preferred ride for the day, as well. So there you go. :)

I am having fun planning out my 2013 calendar of exciting life events. I'll be doing that Seattle-to-Portland training series starting in April, and here's my latest baby...

6/1/13: 2013 Issaquah Triathlon!

The Course:

  • Swim: 1/4 mile, off Tibbetts Beach in Lake Sammamish (expected temp = 61)
  • Bike: 15 mile out-n-back course, mostly flat with one small hill at about the 4 and 9 mile marks
  • Run: 3 mile, "cross-country" style on flat trails with various surfaces
Although, honestly, I'm looking for something over in Eastern Washington. I'd rather travel to a warmer climate than swim in 61 degree water, if possible. Yesterday I was looking at the Walla Walla Onion Man Triathlon, which just sounds fun, doesn't it?


  1. Quit being intimidated and do the MTB thing! Haha!


    1. Hahaha, Chubby, I had a brainstorm! I just texted and asked my X if I can keep my 11yo son after his football game. I'll take him with me to the MTB park then I won't look like an old woman out there MTB'ing for the first time! I'll be a cool mom having fun with my son! :)

  2. Thinking of braving a TRI! I will cheer you on, but there is no way I could swim that far.

  3. Walla Walla Onion Man sounds delightfully fun!! :)

  4. Um, tris include swimming. Blech. Can't wait to see how you do. You'll kill it, and love it and all that. I just can't imagine biking, then running in a wet swimsuit. Yuck.

  5. Cereal is my downfall. Always. Why don't I ever learn?

    1. Cereal is evil. I can eat dry Cinnamon Life until the cows come home.

  6. I can't imagine biking that far at all! That would probably be my least fave thing in a TRI. Perhaps I need to do one relay style and take on the swim portion so I don't have to bike or run :) hehe Great job getting back down in #s.