Thursday, October 18, 2012

Belly Baby

Yesterday, my office went on a tour of one of the new fire stations we're building. I'm posting a couple pictures because, while I think I look great, I am also soooooooooo excited to get rid of the "belly baby," haha. When I think of the tummy tuck and my anticipated results, I tend to think of how I feel when I see myself nekked. But looking at this picture, I think it's going to affect how I look in my clothes, too:

Belly bulge. And say hello to my coworkers. :)

And that's why the surgeon said don't worry about a lower body lift, haha, there's a banging little butt.
Thank you, stairclimbing, running and cycling. Nekked, it is saggy but not awful.
I'm just so excited! This isht's getting real now, ladies! Less than four weeks to go. My big concern is how long the surgery will sideline my bicycling (and running, I suppose, haha, but that implies that I *am* running). At least I picked a fantastic time of the year to do it!

Our office had a nice field trip, but posing for a group picture remind me of our last group picture. Blergh.

I've come a long way, baby. (That's me in purple in front row.) This pic is dated 11/3/09.
Bring it on, plastic surgery! Let's do this!


  1. I see a bulky sweater in the first pic, not a belly! You're right about your bangin' booty though! :):)

  2. Once again reminded how teeny tiny you are these days...

  3. I am excited for you. When I get to goal I will most likely want to get rid of my batwings. They are HORRIBLE. The rest I figure I can hide in clothes. We shall see.

    You look great. I hope to look as good as you someday. :)