Thursday, October 11, 2012

Big Afternoon - First Cross Country Meet

I told you my 13yo daughter joined the cross country team at school, right? Wow, what a HUGE step this was for her! You wouldn't believe how proud I am. First off, she's not a "joiner," so seeking out and joining any team is a big step for her. And secondly, for being new to any age or fitness level, it takes *guts* to join a running team. Thirdly, she joined late, so the team had already formed and been practicing. It's hard coming into a cohesive group as a new kid. She talked two girlfriends into joining with her, but they both bailed after the first practice.

And my baby did it anyway. :) I'm busting-buttons proud of her. 

Jen (Runner Maybe), me and Alli at the Issaquah 5K
Today is her first XC meet. She is nervous. But man, this girl rocks a brave face. She casually invited me to the meet, where she will be running a 3K. I told her I'd try to attend, and when I said I was able to get the afternoon off, she was over the moon excited. She's been texting me this afternoon to make sure I'm coming. Oh, I'll be there, baby. :)

And I called the school and told them to make sure my son stays for tutorial (after school study hour with the teacher). Oh, it's a grab bag, pick either Math or Science. His online grades are giving me the shivers. Yuck. The other day I had made it explicitly clear that he needed to attend math tutorial after school. He did not. When I got home (on my new bike, yay!!), I stopped at the football field and asked him if he attended. When he said no ("I didn't know you wanted me to!") I told him to go tell the coach he is leaving because he did not go to tutorial. OH BOY, was he ever pissed!

We got home and HE gave ME a lecture about how the field is for players, and I'm not to step foot on the field. And that I should NEVER EMBARRASS him like that again. And that he has an OBLIGATION to his TEAM!

Oh, you know we had words. I'll tell you where your obligation is, you little punk. :)

He did go to tutorial this morning, and I pray he did okay on his math test today, as well. But I am shocked at his grade in Science, as well. This kid is lazy, lazy, lazy when it comes to his studies. Or anything but football, really. So I called the office and told them to have him stay for Science tutorial and I will pick him up after the XC meet.

Children. Grr.


  1. Going through the same growing pains with me son. He's in 6th grade this year. Homework and such matters so much more in middle school than before and he just doesn't get it or care to for that matter. I'm mean and evil for riding herd on him, his back pack, and planner. muahahaha

    Good luck to your daughter at her race today!!!!

  2. I so wish I was up there to watch Alli's first meet! Good luck to her.

    And, B was way out of line with you. Pulling him from the field was appropriate--he better get his grades up.

  3. Wow! Good for Alli! That's amazing that she is following through and excited about it! You are setting a great example for her, Julie! Yay for both of you!

  4. Wow! Good for Alli! That's amazing that she is following through and excited about it! You are setting a great example for her, Julie! Yay for both of you!

  5. That is awesome!!! I'm proud of her too! My oldest (almost 12) went out for track this fall and I was suprised she wanted to do it. And even more surpised that at the first 3 track meets they put her in the mile race. She did it and enjoyed it, I was a proud momma! And for your son, oh yes, academics before althletics...always!