Thursday, November 10, 2011

Peppermint Hot Chocolate and Ringless Men

Well, given my druthers, I'd take the ringless man, but yesterday I went for the hot chocolate instead, because I had a coupon and knew I'd get exactly what I ordered. Can't say the same for men! :)

Sadly, however, the hot chocolate had me tied to the toilet all afternoon. I *knew* I should not drink it! Just coming from the lobby, sipping, my stomach said, "Uh, this maybe isn't so good for us." I offered it to my coworker, who said (famous last words) I should just sip it. It was soooo good. I'll admit, over the course of the day, I polished that baby off. And then I got hit with the intestinal distress.

Before surgery, I was fairly lactose intolerant. I was also incredibly slow on the uptake about it. I would only suffer when I had things like cheese fondue (the Melting Pot used to be a favorite of ours), or fried mozzarella sticks. But when I suffered, I suffered badly!

After surgery, I am even more lactose intolerant. I can't eat cottage cheese, more than a little Greek yogurt, stuff like that. It sits badly in my stomach and then ties me to the toilet.

So the question I pose to myself is, "if too much dairy is so bad for me, isn't a little dairy probably also bad for me?" See, I drink Earl Gray tea like it's going out of style. All day, every day. A venti size from SBUX, with 3 or 4 ounces of whole milk each time. Probably four or five 20 ounce cups a day - it is my daily hydration strategy! And I feel fine. Or do I? If one 20 ounce cup can render me useless for the afternoon, what is 20 ounces throughout the day doing to me? I know last week I had a slice of Swiss cheese on a sandwich, and shortly afterward, I blew up like a balloon. Holy smokes, was I ever gas-filled. I knew it had to be the cheese.

Can I cut dairy out of my diet? We're doing it at home. The kids have been bouncing back and forth between homes, so we haven't had a true test of it there. I'm continuing with my own eating at work and afterward, but I'm looking hard at that dairy. And dying a little inside when I think of tea without milk. (I'm fragile these days, it doesn't take much to overwhelm me, haha.)

Anyway, for sure no more peppermint hot chocolate. That's a pleasure best left in the warm, cozy autumn memories of my mind.


  1. What about soy milk, etc.? Why do we suffer thru lactose? It's so not worth it. Guess what they show on the jury TV whilst we're doing nothin? Planet Earth. Whatever, can a sister get an old Seinfeld episode or even the news? No.

  2. Okay, see now I am jealous of your loss but wouldn't want to trade for tummy troubles. I'm sorry that your tummy gets to dicate what you do and do not get to eat. :(

    Again, next time just skip the SBUX and go for the ringless man (or men as it were, lol!) Ooooh, better yet find your ringless man AT SBUX and then you at least know you have something in common already. :)