Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fertility Goddess

So, you know I've had gobs and gobs of these iron IV infusions over the last year. I don't mind them - they put you in a comfy chair with a heated blanket and treat you so nice. :) But my hematologist says we should figure out what causes the low iron to begin with. It's not anything internal, it might just be me, etc.

The question about my periods came up. I wouldn't say that I have terrible periods, but I would say that any periods are an annoyance, haha. Because I've had all the iron infusions, there is a procedure called uterine ablation (ablation = destruction, my GYN says) that destroys the lining of your uterus. No more periods = no more blood loss. Maybe a cure for the low iron?

No more lining also means no more babies. This is fine by me. Oh my, I already have three children! At nearly 42, you couldn't pay me to have another baby, I'm afraid. It's also a little sad, and honestly, feels a tad disrespectful toward my reproductive system, which has served me very well.

A friend of mine had uterine ablation and said it prevents pregnancy. My GYN had a harder-line stance and said it prevents successful pregnancy, but at my age, without sterilization, leaves me open to just miscarrying every month. My friend (age 50) says, phhhbbblllttt. Anyway, my GYN said they could do the ablation, but only paired with a tubal ligation or my continued use of birth control.

I am looking to get everything attended to in one shot. I don't want to destroy my uterine lining and still think about birth control. Nor do I want to have my tubes tied and still have periods. I want it all, baby! (Well, I want it all, no baby.)

I'm going in Monday for an u/s to check out the size, shape and logistics of my uterus to see if I am a candidate for this procedure. Then I have to see another GYN for specifics of the surgery (it would be done outpatient, but my GYN no longer does surgeries). Then I can book it for sometime in the near future. Will keep you posted.

By the way, we talked again about the Mirena IUD, and I asked him if he thought I could just be very sensitive to the hormones in it. "Oh yes," he said, "it's a small dose, but it's still a dose, and many women are bothered by the effects." So I decided to skip getting another IUD, even though it would have been the easiest option.


  1. Ugh, sounds like all of it is a hassle, however, I do know some women who had the ablation and were much happier after. Do what is best for you...none of it sounds fun. :(