Wednesday, November 9, 2011

If You Like it Then You Better Put a Ring on it

Not me, silly! Your man!

When I was married, my ex and I never wore wedding rings. Well, hardly ever. My fingers were always of such varying size, with weight loss and weight gain, and I am not much of a jewelry person, anyway. My ex is a massage therapist, and the ring would bug him while he was working, plus his fingers bulked up with massage-y type muscles and weight gain, as well.

I'm telling ya as a single woman - if your man is not wearing a ring, he is being scoped out, and he is fair game until proven otherwise. Several single women and I were talking about this the other night. And it's funny, because when I was married, I really didn't think anything about my ex wearing a ring or not. Was he being scoped out? Flirted with? I have to believe yes, just based on my own empirical data. There's your fair warning, married ladies! (Not that I am coming for your man, but that your man is being sized up on the bus, in line at Starbucks, at the grocery store, in the gym...there are so many single women around, and they are all scoping out ring fingers and turning up the volume accordingly. ;)

Yesterday, my bloggy idol, Kim at 23imaginaryfriends, told me she keeps an "editorial calendar" for her blog. I do not know what this is, nor do I keep one! No, mine is a stream of consciousness blog, so I will write about what I thought about on the bus this morning: ringless men and SBUX Venti Peppermint Hot Chocolate. As in, I think I'm gonna git me one. I have a free drink coupon, and I don't want to use it on my standard Earl Gray tea. And boy, do I love peppermint hot chocolate. It will probably be too rich for my sleeve, but I think I'm going to give it a whirl.

Also - a coworker talked to me about VSG surgery and WLS in general. My weight loss has had an impact on others to the point where they are thinking about it for themselves. I think that's very cool. I am happy to discuss it, of course, and it is fun to think of someone I know getting this same freedom back in her own life.

Stair challenge is going well - I am just a few flights behind schedule, and I haven't banked any extra stairs for Friday's holiday. But I think it will be fine. I am BEAT! Yesterday I did several flights of skip-a-step (what on earth would you call this??), just to challenge some different muscles.

My weight lingers at 163/164 pounds. Oh crap! It's almost my 10-month surgiversary! I'll have to have one of the kids take my picture, since I'll be home for the holiday. Hmm, this means I'll wear a skirt or something I wouldn't normally wear to work (yet). My weight loss has been pretty flat this month, but I'm not stressing.


  1. I never thought about the ring thing, I never wear mine to the gym or sometimes on the weekend as I would always be taking it off to do stuff with my hands. I wonder if I am getting checked out.LOL :)

    I have started taking the steps down at work, and when I just need to go up or down a couple floors. It kills me, I can run but steps get me winded. Hopefully I will keep up this good habit. No promises.

  2. S says you single girls like men with rings too, just sayin'. I think he likes to think every woman is scoping him out.

    I like that, surgiversary. Very cool word.

    Oh, and you started this whole blog thing, deary. You are my idol.

  3. Umm, tell Insanity when I come to your house and request that he do shirtless P90X in the living room, I am not exactly being subtle. ;)

    Difference being, out in the wild, these poor ringless men have crosshairs trained on them, and all the single ladies are heat-seeking missiles. *Really* heat-seeking, as we are looking for someone warm to curl up with on the couch! :)

  4. I'm the one in our marriage who doesn't wear a ring. =( My ring doesn't fit any of my fingers appropriately anymore. And, we've been researching it online about having it resized. So far it's looking like we can't re size without jeopardizing the stones =/ So I always feel super awkward when we go out together. It's like I'm the mistress or something LOL!

    And, that's cool that people talk to you about your surgery and the interest to have it themselves.

  5. "ringless men and SBUX Venti Peppermint Hot Chocolate. As in, I think I'm gonna git me one."

    Um, I think you should forget about the SBUX and go for the ringless man. ;-)