Thursday, September 22, 2011

VSG Surgery and Ridiculous Whining

Thanks everyone for your comments on my earlier post about "VSG Surgery and Petty Grousing." :) I consider myself very lucky (most days, grr) to be greatly limited by the types of food I can eat. I am sure it helps my weight loss a lot! I'm developing all kinds of taboo/nuh-uh/not gonna eat that/not even worth trying food items that I really shouldn't be eating, anyway.

It's a process, though. When it comes to food and healthy eating, I am not exactly what you'd call a model student. Someone hand me the dunce cap?

I also suffer from "paralysis from analysis." Take now, for instance. I am hungry. I would just as easily be satisfied - hell, would probably be *more* satisfied - by a string cheese or a hard-boiled egg. Both of which I could easily bring from home and save myself lots of rupees. But nooooo. Even though I would be satisfied, I do not want a string cheese or a hard-boiled egg. Which I did not bring from home, even though both are currently in my fridge.

Nope, I want real food. But I am cheap, and broke, and ever-so-increasingly-cranky about spending money on food that I cannot eat. Currently, I am perusing the Specialty's website, where I am bitter about spending $7+ on a small salad, of which I could consume, oh, 1/4 of.

So what happens? I sit here, hungry. I will go to SBUX and get another hot tea refill. I will look at their new bistro lunches and they will appeal to me greatly, but I will curse their $7 price tag. (REALLY, SBUX - $7 for one of those little lunches??)

Hungry. Grouchy. Trying to adopt the attitude that eating a small portion of regular food and tossing (or saving) the rest is a small price to pay for such successful weight loss. And then I will growl at myself in irritation.


  1. you need to pack your lunch! Seriously - I pack mine the night before and that is the only thing that saves me from starving or blowing my wad on some over priced food that makes me feel bad.

    And yes I said blowing my wad! he he

  2. oh I should say reading your post made me hungry so I am eating a pear as I type this out.

  3. I know I should pack my lunch! Esp now, as all three kids are wanting lunch from home instead of school lunches.

    As an aside, my 10-year-old told me he feels loved when he eats the lunches I make him, because his friends just get a sandwich and a bag of chips. O.M.G. talk about a sappy mommy teary-eyed moment. Wow, those little things come when you least expect them!

    I resolved the lunch crisis by spending $2 at the buffet downstairs (where I have posted lots of lunch pictures from previous meals). I am fat and sassy now. :)

    Pears are delicious if they are good, but one bum pear will turn me off them for years!

  4. Um, here I am reading this post from last week again. Come back, blog for me...