Friday, September 16, 2011

VSG Surgery and Petty Grousing

Hey! Thanks for the nice comments on the last couple of posts, everyone! :) I am always so happy to see that people are reading. As far as the bitchy coworker and her interrogation: after she asked about Weight Watchers, I became terribly distracted by another coworker walking by and *had* to talk to him. Right that moment. "Catch ya later - I've been looking for so-and-so all day!" Then I just walked off with him and thanked him for the rescue. We have all been subjected to the oddities of that particular coworker. I won't go into details but my yardstick I use with regard to her is whenever you have three coworkers spontaneously flip you off as you turn your back and walk away - you are a bit challenging for your coworkers to endure, haha.

I'm really, really glad I had my VSG surgery. I really, really am. And HULLO - have you seen how successful it's been for me? I wouldn't change that for anything.


Every once in awhile I'll get a little down - or not even down - maybe just frustrated. Frustrated at the lengths I had to go to to control my weight issues. To not just *lose* weight, but to stop *gaining* weight! Here I am eight months post-op, and I gotta tell ya something.

Sometimes it's a real drag. It's always what I expected, and it's always what I wanted, but it is sometimes a real drag.

VSG surgery has pretty much taken away any ability to enjoy junk food, for instance. And almost all sweets. And pretty much any spicy food. And ice cream. And pop. Breads. A lot of dairy.

Basically, I can eat whole foods. Meats. Veggies. Fruits - although honestly I seldom do - I just am not a fruit eater.

I think this is more in the forefront of my mind the last week or so because I've been stressed out, and I am simply not allowed to turn to food to handle my emotions. I know - because I've tried! And all I get is a terrible bellyache in the process.

Here's the positive spin of my whininess: I'm a VSG-mandated, lifelong-committed foodie. Darn it all, that surgery has forced me to eat high quality food. Yummm. If eating crap makes you feel bad - then eating the good stuff will make you feel good! This is a good way for everyone to live, but WLS has just made it abundantly clear to me. And it enforces my choices, too.

Yesterday (oh hell, and this morning, too) I tried to eat Cheez-Its. My stomach *hates* Cheez-Its! The day before that, I bought a lemon poppyseed mini bundt cake from Specialty's. Cream cheese icing. I got a couple bites in before I was ill, and had a horrible rumbly tummy. A couple weeks ago I went to see "The Help." I was dying for movie theater popcorn, and I bought a kid size. My stomach does not like or want movie theater popcorn. :) My brain and mouth did, but my stomach thought it was a really terrible idea. My. stomach. does. not. want. this. crap.

Well, that's great! It's just a matter of learning to make the right choices: what tastes good is not necessarily going to feel good. Slowly, surely, I'm forcing myself into these good choices. It isn't easy - I'm a terribly slow learner in this regard and I have had many years' practice letting myself eat whatever I want.

I'm going to keep learning, though, and keep practicing food planning and cooking yummy delicious meals that I actually enjoy. Luckily for me, I love pretty much all vegetables* and love, love, love good high quality food.  (*Eww, mushrooms. I can accept them under limited circumstances.)


  1. I'm reading a book (okay, listening to it on DVD in the car) about macrobiotic cooking. Sounds like that's what VSG has turned you into. It's so good for you, I need to find the self control to follow this without surgery:)

  2. It's so fascinating to me that you can't have sweets, ice cream, and spicy food. I can eat anything! I'm not sure if that's great or terrible. I wonder if that will change over time (for either of us).

  3. P.S. also, my surgeon prescribes every single VSG patient a prescription acid-reducer, with or without symptoms. i wonder if that has something to do with it?

  4. I can eat anything too. Wish I had your problem. lol

  5. I am with Lisa, I sometimes wish I had your problem - I'd say your amazing and marvelous weightloss is at least partially (aside from you just being your awesome self) based on the fact that you simply can't eat that stuff. I can eat anything but pasta. I am still losing because of the limitation in serving size, but slower.
    Before surgery I always thought " I wish I was a cat or some other pet, that just gets a bowl of food and doesn't have to make smart decisions and also is unable to 'trade up'"