Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mundane Details of My Life!

Nothing much happening this week. In an unfortunate blow, my poor little iPhone finally gave up the ghost and died yesterday. My two-year contract had expired on 6/21, and on 6/21 exactly, my iPhone started having seizures. It was a short circuit in the silent mode, and so the poor little thing just shuddered uncontrollably from time to time. And it was a steady decline from there. Not even sure what caused it to final keel over: one moment it was working, the next it was just dead. All I get is a white screen with lines, and calls go straight to voice mail. As you can tell, this is quite traumatic for me! I'm going in to the Apple store this afternoon to see if perhaps they'd like to replace it for me. I doubt it. But, they have done really wonderful customer service things for me in the past, so it can't hurt to stop in!

Amazing how dependent I am on that little phone, I have been all out of sorts since "the passing." *sniff.*

It's a lazy three-day weekend here. The kids are with their dad, and I really don't have any plans! This is both a good thing and a bad thing. I have yet to really fill up my free time on holiday weekends since the divorce, so it can be a melancholy thing for me. Or I can get busy and be glad for the extra time away from the office! I'm trying to push it in that direction, of course.

Oy. I drank too much last night. This is something I have struggled with since the surgery and weight loss. If I am not extremely careful, I will drink like I did when I was nearly 90 pounds heavier. This is not a good thing for me! Last night I had 2.5 glasses of wine, and I am feeling it today. I felt it last night, too, getting much more intoxicated than I ought to have been. Not good! Sunny days and wine, they are a real weakness for me. Throw in Friday afternoon before a three-day weekend, and I can quickly lose focus!

Today, my oldest son had his first football game. They got their clocks cleaned. :) The score was 31-0, Mercer Island. We are the Newport Knights. It was brutal, but I must say, my son looked really good out there. He is an offensive lineman. I do not know football, but we all agreed that Blake did a great job. I saw my former father-in-law, who fussed over me bunches about my weight loss and how good I'm looking, and that divorce obviously agrees with me, haha. X's girlfriend was there, and I know my kids can't stand her, but I just don't see a real problem with her on the handful of times we've met. She seems very pleasant, she seems to really like the kids, and she *knows* them, so she's not just going through the motions of tolerating them. I have told the kids that they have my full permission to "like" her, that it is not betraying any loyalty to me. I want them to be happy when they are with their dad. I have assured my 10-year-old (who dislikes her the most) that under no circumstances will their dad and I be getting back together, so it is okay for them to be together. I hope that she doesn't have me bamboozled, but I really don't think that's the case. I think she's just a little weird (hippie-ish) but harmless.

It was nice to have my ex-FIL fuss over me in front of her, because I have heard that they do not like each other, either. I get along well with my ex's parents, which is nice. Although I do not shy away from conflict (at all), it is good to be able to maintain these good relationships so it isn't any more stressful on the kids.

I did not weigh myself today, but I will do it tomorrow. I'm interested to see how my weight is, after my period and the long weekend away. My eating this week was good, if minimal. I have just not been hungry lately and I am running with it!

Okay - off to the apple store to throw myself at their mercy. I have been holding out for the iPhone 5, and I do not have the $200 I would need to buy an iPhone 4 today, so I'm in a bit of a bind. I do have an old phone of my daughter's I think I can have activated, but I don't know if we have any of the charge cords for it.


  1. I missed this post earlier today. Good for Blake. Offensive line is tough.

    It's nice to like the new girlfriend. Very grown up of you.

  2. I'm sorry about your phone :(

    And, WAY to go to that son of yours. Even if his team lost!! It's all about having fun!!

  3. Sorry about your phone...I thought my puny little crappy phone was dying earlier this year (I do NOT have a smart phone or anything fancy, talk and text and that is all folks) and I was in a panic too. lol. It decided to live and I have still not replaced it yet.

    That is great that you get along with your ex-in-laws and even greater that you are not at war with your ex's GF. That is really amazing and shows what a brilliant mom you are...pick those battles.