Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gimme Some Sugar!

At the football game yesterday, my five six-year-old was so amused that a coach told a couple boys to "Gimme some sugar!" Reid was rolling - apparently he has heard this on Family Guy (a show that I abhore and do not allow the kids to watch, knowingly). He didn't get what it meant, though, so I was teaching him that if I say "Gimme some sugar!" he has to smother me with hugs and kisses. He was a mostly unwilling student. ;)

Anyway, this morning the scale decided to gimme some sugar! Down a couple pounds. Mercy, the weight loss has slowed to a crawl! I'm almost at 90 pounds, and creeping up on my next hugest milestone (after "Onederland) of passing from "obesity" to "overweight." This obesity label really sticks in my craw, I tell you.

I have been contemplating my shrinking body lately, and uh, it ain't pretty. I've got a lot of loose skin issues going on here. I am completely wracked with stretch marks. It's a bit of a bummer to lose all this weight and still be a little skeeved out by your own body. I am taking comfort in that fact that I still have a lot I want to lose, and I think things will continue to tighten up.

I tried on some clothes at Penney's and Target yesterday. I am trying to reprogram my mind to my new sizes. :) I grabbed all 12P jeans and pants, but ladies, I am happy to say that I just flat out wear size 10s. Not 12s. Wowowowowow!!! (I do have the one pair of jeans from Costco that are size 8s, but really that's just a vanity sizing anomoly, haha.)


  1. Very. Nice. But, don't give yourself any sugar, that won't help the weight loss.

  2. I am right there with you! my weight is starting to pick back up after a month long stall. I've noticed lately a lot of loose skin and stretch marks and it's not pretty. I wonder if I'll ever be happy with my body?!