Monday, September 12, 2011

8-Month Pics and Update

Another month has gone by! Wow - I would have said that I had stalled out over the last month, but that just shows what a bizarre mindset I have. ;) I'm down 92 pounds overall and six pounds this month. Woohoo!

Okay, I hesitate to point any fingers at myself for shortcomings in this process, but there are a couple:
  • I'm not waiting to drink after I eat anymore. I like to drink when I eat, and it doesn't seem to affect me negatively, and I'm not sure how much I care that I'm not following the rules in this regard. I am mulling it over.
  • I've gotten into a bit of a pattern where I am (not) eating like a champ all week, then cutting loose on the weekends. Now, my definition of "cutting loose" is extremely different after WLS than it was before, so I am not too regretful. But I am regretful enough that come Monday morning, I have started having "come to Jesus" talks with myself about being back on task. If I were to track my eating on the weekends, I would say it is under 2,000 calories but not by much. I'm not terribly concerned with this, except that on Saturday, my eating during the daytime was flat out "eating for the sake of eating." This was disconcerting. I have been under a lot of stress, though, so I knew where it was coming from. The scale was actually up a few pounds this morning (which does not count, because in my world, pounds gained do not detract from overall pounds lost).
The good stuff:
  • Darling, you look MAHV-elous! Ninety-two pounds, that's nothing to shake a stick at. This week, roughly, I'll get out of this nasty "obesity" category, and that makes me HAPPY! And look how incredibly close 92 pounds lost is to 100 pounds lost! AMAZING!
  • That's Kim's old shirt I'm wearing in the picture, which was taken today, one day after my official 8-month anniversary. I am quite boobalicous in it, as you can see! And today I am not wearing my customary spandex-y cami underneath, so I was very unhappy with my flabby belly in all the pictures. Even so, I feel great!
  • At 8 months out, all is well. I am still losing quite a lot of hair, but I have desensitized about it, haha. My nails have grown back in better. I do not take biotin, but I am still regularly promising myself that I will start doing it.
  • I can eat more, portion-wise, so I do have to be careful. Honestly, I have fallen into a pattern of not eating throughout the day. My nutritionist would shudder. But I drink a bazillion cups of hot tea that I put about 3 ounces of whole milk in each time...and one time during the day I use half-and-half. Then I eat a regular dinner with the kids. It is working for me right now, so I'm not stressing about it. I think I'm getting plenty of fats and calories. Of course, if I am hungry, I eat - it's not so much a plan as just what it has turned out to be lately.
  • I am coaxing, coaxing, coaxing myself into making my new passion be my fitness. It is a long, slow, laborious and painful process to coax myself into this passion. But I think if I can get there, I can use my time productively. :)


  1. As always, when I see your monthly comparison pictures I am stunned. This month, I too thought you were boobalicious and that purple shirt looks fantastic on you.

    Only after a second glance did I notice it was my shirt. You really look great in that color. Congrats on 92 lost!

  2. LOL @ the boobalicious T-shirt! Yep, you still have the girls goin' on! I find myself becoming quite the fan of the bras with padding whereas before I wouldn't dare TOUCH a padded bra! You look great Julie and I'm so jealous that you can drink and cut loose on the weekends and still lose -6lbs last month. NO FAIR! LOL! I'm cheering for ya though and I'm SO happy for you!!

  3. You look fabulous! Keep up the good work!