Friday, August 12, 2011

Weight Loss Graph

Today's Weight: 176.2

Today's Exercise:
-1.2 miles to bus stop

Today's Eating:
- Earl Gray with 3 oz nonfat milk

I freely admit that I am completely obsessed with my weight loss journey. :) I expect the novelty to wear off after I pass my one-year anniversary and get to goal, etc. But for now...well, it's pretty much always in the forefront of my mind.

So, I love looking at things like this graph from Wowsa! That has been a long and steady weight loss. I am so impressed. I don't normally record upward blips in the scale - but you see that little blip where I finally just admitted that my weight was up and I could record my progress back down again. It's a reminder to me that I will always have to be careful about my eating! I have had periods of overly lax vigilance. :) I'm good with that, though, because I have felt very positive and successful throughout this process.

I ate real (yummy) food yesterday. I didn't have any protein shakes throughout the day (in the morning I just could not stomach the thought, and in the afternoon, I realized I didn't have a cold shake - just a warm one in my bag. Ew.). After my delicious massage appointment, I was a little loopy (lightheaded) and thought, uh-oh, this isn't working! I picked up a friend for happy hour at Whole Foods: had half a pork slider (just a couple bites of the brioche bun - unfortunately bread and my sleeve are not friends), a small handful of sweet potato fries and a couple ounces of beer, which was not sitting well in my tummy. Then we went to Chinook's at Fisherman's Terminal and split a berry shortcake, yum! I was very full. I admired my dedication to the cause by not eating any of their delicious foccacia bread - that was an act of superhuman strength, haha.

Later, I shall come back and blog about weight loss and confidence and sex appeal. :) I had the most interesting conversation with my massage therapist yesterday, and he made some rather astute observations about me.

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  1. oooh, i can't wait to hear what the massuese's insights are! and sex appeal! let's hear it. :) i have an app on my phone where i chart my weight. i'm obsessed with it too. i'm kinda frustrated as i've only lost ten pounds and if i can just lose 1 more, i won't be obese anymore--just overweight. wow, who ever thought they'd be happy to be "overweight"? ha! well, i saw you need to be 169 (like me) to hit that category, so we must be equally short. i mean, tall---equally TALL.