Thursday, August 4, 2011

That's About the Size of It

(This post really needs a picture, but I had buyer's remorse and returned my bounty, so, alas, no pictures!)

I went shopping at lunch time yesterday. I am down to just a few shirts, but the biggest problem is actually the way they hang off my shoulders. I've always got a bra strap (or two) showing, things scoop down too low and show the top of my bra, etc. Unless I'm wearing a simple t-shirt, of course. But the few cutesy new summer tops I've bought? They look big and sloppy.

Okay - I'm only 5'3". I've known forever that I need to shop in the petite section. I *used* to shop in the petite section. But finding clothes that are both plus-size and petite-size is tough! Lands End was always good for that, but that's about it.

And I was too intimidated to try petite sections again right now. The last time I did wasn't all that long ago (it was the beginning of June, actually). That day, the few XL petite tops I tried on did not fit well at all. Ipso facto, too psyched out to go back!

But it is no fun feeling pretty if you also feel sloppy, and that's how these hanging tops make me feel. Sloppy. I made myself go to Nordstrom yesterday and hit the petite section. (I fancy myself a rather rich lady, in my mind, anyway. I love to go to Nordstrom because they have people who know how to dress me pretty.)

I grabbed a bunch of tops and the saleslady chose several more on the way to the dressing room. I tried on the ones I chose and hated them. The saleslady peeked in and said, "Oh my, what on earth size did you grab?"

XL, I said.

Silly girl - you're a medium, she said.

I didn't believe her, but I tried on one of the tops she brought back.


In not even seven months, I've gone from 3x/4x tops to Petite Mediums and size 8 jeans. It is absolutely mind-boggling. It also makes me think about the 50 pounds I still plan to lose...wowsa! How big will I be then?

There's still PLENTY left to go, believe me. My boobs and belly - ack. I was just telling my boobs this morning that they do a fine tube sock impersonation when I bend over. Which led me to study them in the full-length mirror as I bent over. Which made me realize that I should start saving my pennies for a tummy tuck and breast lift, haha.


  1. Oh drat, it is such a hassle: I have to have all my clothes altered because the XS/Petite Petite size just *hangs* off me!

    **wish, wish, fingers crossed, wish wish**

  2. Go you! A medium is awesome and a size 8 is a dream! Congrats!

  3. That totally rocks!!!! Seriously a Medium and size 8 - swoon!

  4. Yay for you! My suggestion is, stop buying jeans with any stretch in them. I find that within a couple of weeks, I can no longer wear pants I buy if they have stretch, but if they do not, I get a lot more wear out of them.