Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Night Eating

Yesterday's Weight: 184.6
Today's Weight: 181.1

Today's Eating
- 1 Earl Gray tea with 3 oz half-and-half (118 cal / 3 g protein)
- 4 Earl Gray tea with 3 oz skim milk (124 cal / 12 g protein)
- 1 Earl Gray tea with 2 oz whole milk (3 g protein)
- 2 oh-so-yummy-who-needs-food-when-there-is...Premier Protein shakes (320 cal / 60 g protein)

Today's Exercise
- 1.2 miles to bus stop
- 1 block up steep mf'ing hill to office (instead of cutting through building)
- 60 flights, 21:26 (plus 8 flights down, since my buddy bailed on me and I was locked out!)
- .5 mile walk to bus stop

I'm off my period, so I'm sure that gave me a drop on the scale. I've been bouncing around between 181 and 183 for awhile now! Yesterday's weight was the highest I'd seen in some time - I attribute it to the carb-fest of the prior weekend and my period, which probably drove the carb-fest, haha.

Let's talk about night eating. I have a near-pathological need to go to bed with a full stomach. If I fall asleep without a full stomach, I will wake up shortly to eat until I am full. I have battled this FOREVER. Now, with a tiny tummy, it is easier to fill myself up: but the "need" to be full still exists.

Last night, I played tough love with myself. When I did my two-week pre-op liquid diet, I didn't even make myself adhere completely to the plan at night. (I was allowed 2-3 protein shakes a day and a reasonable dinner. I played it a little fast and loose with the "reasonable dinner" definition - again, eating too much at bedtime.)

I slept like crap last night. :) I had a hard time going to bed, had a hard time falling asleep. Dozed and then woke up several times. I very nearly broke down and went for a snack.

No. I'm going to beat this thing for good. This is a ridiculously bad habit, and it is very self-destructive to my goals. Not to mention a foolish lack of self-control.

I need to teach myself that it feels good to go to bed with an empty stomach. To not wake up still feeling bloated and full. It will be a tough sell, haha.

But! IMAGINE how proud I am of myself this morning! Not one single morsel of food passed my lips yesterday. I ate (and drank) exactly what I logged (except for a couple glasses of crystal light). I am successfully reprogramming my head to regain control of this weight loss.

We'll see how I feel about it later today or tonight, when my tummy realizes we're *still* not eating, and I have to endure night two of no bedtime feeding frenzy. Oy.


  1. Night eating is crazy - it is a hard habit to break...and an easy habit to slip back into.

    I saw that you have been running....if you are interested there is the Salmon Days 5K in October, I was getting ready to register for the 10K, but if you wanted to do the 5K I would do it with you - walk, run whatever. Let me know. :) The course is completely flat! Basically goes down Gilman on to Front Street and circle back.

  2. Jen - I'll email you! I have the kids that weekend (10/1, 10/2), so it is a little problematic. I wouldn't be able to run it, haha, I jogged one lap at the track last night and that was all I had in me! :) But that is more than I've jogged in probably 20 years!

    If I stuck my five-year-old in a stroller, I could drag the kids along, but no way would he walk it without a tantrum.

    I wonder if we can do that domestic violence walk together that I linked on my facebook page? We were planning on being out of town but I don't think it's going to pan out.