Monday, August 22, 2011

Update-y Stuff

- I had my follow-up appt with the WLS surgeon today, he said I'm doing awesome. Then when I reminded him I had the sleeve, not the RNY, he said I'm doing super-awesome! Maybe he didn't say awesome and super-awesome, but that was the implication. And why do I have to remind my surgeon what type of procedure I had? Ah well, I love him and he can do no wrong in my eyes. It does make me wonder if maybe I *did* have the RNY, haha.

- My labs all look good. I am going to get the full report from the lab directly rather than the abbreviated one he showed me. My vitamin D is still in the crapper (32, I think?), but he said it's an acceptable level. Hrumph. I think 30 was the bottom of the scale.

- He said my ferritin was good - it was 43. My hematologist said it should be over 50, that's why I had all those iron IV infusions before the surgery. I will call him. Still better, since pre-op, my ferritin levels were unmeasurable. I think the numbers have about held their own since surgery, and honestly, I really suck at taking the iron supplements, since they make my tummy hurt.

- Had a *blast* out with friends at the Pike Place Sunset Supper last Friday. Let me tell you - I danced. Not like 'stood on the sidelines shaking my shoulders a little bit.' Danced. In the middle of the dance floor (which was the cobblestone street. I have never, ever, in my life, danced in public unless it was a slow dance, and even those, I can count how many times. Prom, one homecoming, my wedding reception. So prolly five actual dances in my life. But I was shaking my shit out on the dance floor Friday night, and I had a blast! Ugh, there's video to prove it, too. I cannot watch the video, or I will never dance in public again. :) Anyway, I did it because a) I was having such a great time, b) everyone else did it, and c) last summer my friend's friend and I had a big production because he wanted me to dance and I would not (we were at a concert at a winery) and this time I just thought, 'oh hell, how bad can I look?' My friends were so super-proud of me - and I did really have a blast. I even had a little boy toy dancing and grinding on me for awhile there, much to all of our amusement. Now to destroy all copies of the video.

- I received a terribly unexpected $400 medical bill last week, and this morning had to replace two tires on my car most unexpectedly, for over $200. And I have to get my car aligned tomorrow, which is only $80, but my dad says to expect several hundreds of dollars (struts or ball joints, anyone?) since the car didn't just pop itself out of alignment. I am very sad. I do not know if we are going to be able to make our trip to the Northwest Art and Air Festival in Albany, Oregon. I am waiting to find out what work my car needs tomorrow. I can't even bring myself to talk to the kids about it: this was the *one* out of town adventure we had planned for the summer! Everyone has been looking forward to it for a long time. Ugh. Taking my car in at 8:00 a.m.

- Hmm, back to fun stuff. Uh, it was a good weekend, although I have been feeling pretty run-down lately! I am trying to make myself be vigilant about the iron and vitamin D and B12. Although on the labs, my B12 was way at the top of the range.

- My blood pressure this morning was 105/72, which was just amazing. I wish I had a similar reading somewhere else, because it has been a lifetime since my numbers were that low. I used to always be 105/68, though, trending toward the low-side instead of the high-side. Amazing! On 7/27, my blood pressure was 121/79.

- It *seems* like I had other fun stuff to report, but really, that's all I got. I didn't hit my goal of 175 at the surgeon's this AM, actually, on his scale I was 179.5 (177.6 on mine at home all nudey). Definitely to keep the weight loss going I am going to have to *work* at it! He said most lose 1/3 of their body weight, and I already have. He said I can hit my goal of a normal BMI but it will take a lot of work and possibly even another 1-2 years. Ah well, I am doing great and feeling great, all is well!

- My Chinese algae-eater fish died today. Waah!! He was my favorite fish, the only one I had any attachment to.  We had him since 2007, though, so that's a good long fish run, I suppose. Without him around, the aquarium's days are numbered.

- I started OTC progesterone cream yesterday. The goal is to see if it keeps my emotions out of the tank come next ovulation cycle. I'm intrigued. Will report later.


  1. Congratulations on your SUPER appointment! That is GREAT news!!!

    I'm sorry about your fish and the car troubles :(

    Rock your sleeve, lady! You're doing fantastic.

  2. What a great post, minus the car and fish issue. But you put the negative in the middle and followed the giving bad news model....good news, bad news and good news! :)

  3. Awesome appointment, good idea to get your own report. (Note to self, should do this also!) My B12 was sky high too, they said cut back on the supplements, every other day is fine (which is sucky because I really like taking the sublingual B12...ha!) Funny because I thought with only 15% of our stomach left I was under the assumption that B12 deficiency was likely. Interesting. Sorry about your bad news on the car and your fish...hugs!