Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shout Out

A quick shout out to a friend who is having RNY today by my surgeon! Good luck and speedy recovery! You are in wonderful hands.

I blew the job interview yesterday. There were 9 questions: I knocked 7 of them out of the ballpark. I totally had the panel satisfied, and I knew it. However, there was one gaping hole in my experience (managing project budgets over $10M) and they asked. It wasn't something I could bluff my way through: I knew the question was coming and I did the best I could demonstrating other experience.

Then I embarrassed myself with the softball question: what would your supervisor say about your ability to arrive and leave work on time? Ok - my supervisor was a customer service manager for the Four Seasons Hotel. I am a single mom of three kids. We clash in this regard. I wish I had answered smoothly, but it went terribly and I am full of regret.

Oh well. There are two internal candidates who are working out of class in the position - it's pretty much a gimme that one of them will get it. Promotions can be hard to come by in government work. Also, I am not without reservations about the job. We'll leave it at that. :)

Still - you want to be the one on top. I am sad about my pithy budgeting experience and my complete failure to nuance a sensitive subject. Such a miss on my part! It would be a promotion, but I can't say with certainty that I wouldn't be going from the frying pan into the fire on this one. :|

Oh! Guess who packed herself into a pair of size 8s this weekend? Wooohooo!! It is totally cheating - they are the same brand of jeans I keep buying from Costco (Gloria Vanderbilt "Amanda" if you are interested, only $16). They are very stretchy. But does the tag say "size 8" and am I wearing them? YES!!!

I have been dabbling in upping my "girl game." Gosh, yesterday when I was dressed all fancy-schmancy (read: business appropriate) for the interview, I drew a couple looks from men in the building. I maaayyyyy buy some clothes soon. I really am limited to a couple pairs of jeans and a handful of t-shirts. A couple cute knit blouses I bought from TJ Maxx and Target, but they are all distinctive enough that I have to watch the "oh, look she's wearing that again." Bahaha, as if anyone would not say the same about my uniform: jeans, t-shirt, tennies.

Today, however, it's jeans, t-shirt, and cute sandals. :) I'm fancy!


  1. Consider the interview as good practice. You'll do better next time and the job probably will go internally anyway.

    Yeah for 8's!

  2. Sorry about the interview.

    You are going to be so teeny tiny...

  3. Sorry about the interview, but I'm sure the answer about budgeting was better than lying. At least you reached and tried, better than wondering "what if..."

    YAY size 8 omg, I don't care if they do stretch, that rocks!