Wednesday, August 10, 2011

License to Lose! 85 Pounds Lost!

Starting Weight (8/8): 184.6 pounds
Today's Weight: 178.8 pounds

Today's Eating:
2 Gosh-I-may-never-eat-solid-food-again-this-is-so-good Premier protein shake (320 cal / 60 g protein)
1 Earl Gray tea with 2 oz half-and-half (xx cal / 2 g protein)
4 Earl Gray teas with 3 oz nonfat milk (124 cal / 12 g protein)

Today's Exercise:
- 1.2 miles to the bus stop
- 1 block up steep mf'ing hill to office (instead of escalators and tunnel)
- 60 flights stairs, 21.5 minutes

Yeah, baby!! That's a truthful weight on my driver license - something I haven't seen in 15 years or more! Gosh, I can't remember the last time I was this weight. Briefly, ever so briefly in 1997/98 I was below 180. Then I quit smoking and had babies and my weight skyrocketed.

Isn't that an awful picture? I can't wait to have it re-done. The DOL person snapped it when I wasn't ready, and because the office was closing, I couldn't have a re-do. That picture was taken on 9/26/09 (I know because I have my old license in hand) - I look, and feel, much better now! :)

Clearly, the liquid diet is jump starting my weight loss. This tells me I wasn't in some long stall: I was eating too much to lose weight. :( Maintenance eating, like I said. When I finish this little experiment, I am going to have to go back to basics on my eating in order to keep the weight loss moving.

Hey - last night I wasn't a grouchy, miserable baby about going to bed on an empty tummy! Yes, I very much wanted to eat - very much wanted to! But it was much more bearable than the night before. Tonight, I canceled plans to go to a happy hour function. I know there is no way I could go meet a bunch of strangers and not eat/drink. This weekend I have a going away party for a friend and I will probably eat and drink there, but for at least this work week I want to stay completely on track. And I'm too broke to go out tonight, anyway. :)


  1. Nice job! I need to check my license and see how much of a liar I am.
    I'm eating peaches and strawberries for breakfast, hoping to drop a few pounds, just like you!

  2. AMAZING! My DL says 200 - ugg tghe number that has plagued me for almost 2 years now.