Wednesday, August 24, 2011


It's hard to think up catchy blog entry titles that capture the theme of what you have to say when you don't actually have much to say, haha.

The weekend getaway trip is a go - the car expenses didn't end up being too terrible. Just under $300, all told. Of course, that's about what the trip will cost, too! And it's crap timing, what with being in the middle of back to school expenses.

Ah well. It's a reminder to me to "marry up" next time around, haha!

My ten-year-old is trying contact lenses. Oy. I have no idea if this will work. His eyes roll around like a frightened horse's every time he tries to put them in or take them out. Today, I have conducted coaching/morale sessions by phone for both putting them in (one successfully) and taking them out (no success yet). I am concerned. My daughter took a few days to get the hang of it, but didn't have nearly this difficult of a time. She was a bit older, too.

Bah! Another ten-minute contact-lens-removal pep talk. I am laughing and also near tears. Sigh. That boy. He will not wear his glasses, but honestly, I'm not having a lot of faith he'll get this install/removal thing figured out, either.

Did I mention I'm trying progesterone cream this month? I've been using it for a few days now. The goal is to not be a weepy-beeyatch come O-day next month. Thus far, my revelations have been: ow, my arms sting after applying it there for a few days. Time to find a new spot. And today I got it in my eyes, that hurts. I hope I don't grow eye-boobs!

I am trying to find a passion or an interest or something. :) It ain't easy! I have been reading a lot more - I love reading, but completely fell out of the habit for a long time. When I started taking the bus at the beginning of July, I picked up the habit again in a hurry. However, reading won't increase my chances of meeting someone too much, haha. Unless I met him at the library - I could hang out at a library for days and days, I just love them. We have a family card game for the kids, I can't think of what it's called right now. Anyway, you draw cards and you each pick one from your stack that you think the person who is "it" would like most. Then whoever is "it" takes everyone's cards and puts them in order from favorite to least. So one time the kids and my parents and X and my sis, etc. played together. It was my turn to be "it" and I revealed my mom's choice for me, "Shopping," as number two. "NO way!!" she exclaimed. Then I showed her my dad's choice: "Libraries" as number one. Everyone agreed with my ranking, haha.

You would think I would be more well-read, haha. I'm not. I just love books. Not particularly good ones. :) Chick-lit, crime-drama, blah blah blah. If I hear of a good one on NPR, I'll read it. I'm trying to work my way through a hybrid of a couple "Top 100 fiction books of all time"-type lists. But I'm also only on book two of the "Rizzoli & Isles" series (WHO KNEW?? I heard it mentioned somewhere and checked it out because I love the show). So those will keep me busy for awhile.

I read Slaughterhouse Five, which I thought would be like "Catch-22," which is the one book I have given myself lifelong permission to refuse to continue reading. Ugh, I know it's famous and all, but I absolutely could not get into that book. Bah. Never again.

Okay - true story (Oh, you thought this blog was about WLS?? Umm, yes, I am feeling a little chunky today and plan to kick it into high gear to get out of the "obesity" classification ASAP. There's today's WLS talk, haha). My friend won the primary election for city council (well, he is advancing to the general in November, anyway). Someone commented "yay" or something on his facebook page and I clicked "Like." I got a message from the man that afternoon - "I don't know you, can you see my profile? How were you able to see my comment???" Uh, I emailed back, no, can't see your profile, but can see your post to a mutual friend. He changed his settings immediately so now his message to me says "facebook user" with no picture.

I recognized him on today. I am soooooooooooo tempted to message him, "Oh, I found you on match, too!" just to freak him the hell out. Bahahaha! I'm evil. Don't care. ;)

Do you want to see me dance? You can, I don't care. I decided I look no more stupid than anyone else out there. ;) Watch the sound level on the video, it's loud.


  1. What kind of dork is so paranoid that they have to ask idiotic questions on facebook like that? You SHOULD message him on to freak him out.

    I love to read too, but not necessarily the "classics".

    Good luck to your son with the contacts!

  2. Amanda - we have a couple mutual friends and I saw him in our building lobby after I wrote this post! I would have loved to make some sort of boogey-man facebook/match reference to him, but I refrained. "Oh, so and so, I've been following you on a couple websites! You *intrigue* me!" :)

  3. Hey--T wears contacts, but a grown up always puts them in. He is only able to take them out himself.

    I think you dance like most middle aged white women:)

  4. LMAO - hey, that's not too bad for never, ever having danced in public! And I am a middle-aged white woman, how else would I dance? :)

    Hmm, that is interesting about T. The eye doctor is threatening not to give B a prescription if he cannot demonstrate his ability to insert/remove by his follow-up appt next week. They were reluctant to even give him a week's worth of trial pairs since he couldn't do it, but I insisted because I want him used to wearing them before school starts on 9/6.

  5. *sobbing* at the realization that I am a MIDDLE-AGED white woman. (I already knew the white part.)

  6. I'm middle aged too, you'll be fine.

    S said to go find another eye doctor, some will give the prescription and some won't. T went to 2 different eye drs. before he got his.

    Contacts are hard to put it, I feel for him.

  7. Is that game Whonu (or however it's I would be tempted to start acting like a crazy stalker for FB dude. Ugh! Cute dance missy!

  8. I love the video! You're having so much fun.

    Oh yeah, totally creep the creep. Who asks questions like that