Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Surly Grrrl

I have been a big crab this week. One, I am ovulating (thanks "iPeriod" app!) and we all know this makes me cranky. Two, I have to have a re-root canal tomorrow morning. That's a root canal on a tooth that has already been root canaled. I am in a fair amount of pain, but mostly I am skeered: the endodontist does not know if I'll be able to keep my tooth. I want my tooth! I have a bone infection and bone loss, and we'll just have to see what happens. I consider this very unfair, as I take great care of my teeth. They, however, are fragile and easily offended, and thus have caused me a fair amount of angst over recent years.

To try to feel better, I have been really focusing on my vitamins and supplements. Not doing an especially good job at taking them, but at least focusing on that fact, haha. No, really, I am getting better. It's just that I am so sensitive to them, I dread taking them. I have found that taking my multi- and iron supplement at night is helping, although I still wake up frequently thinking, "Ouch" and "Blech." My stomach, pre- and post-op, does not approve of iron in any form.

Today I had my first BAD EATING EXPERIENCE in a very long time. I oven roasted some boneless/skinless chicken cutlets last night. Granted, I did overcook them a bit. Even my five-year-old tapped on one and said he wouldn't eat it because "you made it too hard." Hrm. This should have been a warning to me. Today, I gnawed on one for breakfast (it really wasn't that bad, sheesh). As I was eating it, I thought, hmm, that's a little dry. My stomach didn't exactly welcome it without open arms, either. But I was hungry, and stoopid, and I ate it.

Fast forward to when I am fleeing down to SBUX to get something to wash it through my stomach. Or when I laid on the floor to make the pain stop. Or when I went for a walk to make the pain stop. Or when I decided the pain was never going to stop. Or a couple hours later when...the pain didn't stop but at least mostly subsided.

Okay. Duly noted. Stomach does not like overly dry meat.

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  1. Overly dry meat s*cks! It doesn't like me either..