Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Some people lose weight in their faces first, and this may have a tendency to make them look "too thin" early on in their weight loss process. Or they may reveal this hidden bone structure that is just super-glamorous, and they get to enjoy this beauty while they continue to work on the rest of their bodies.

Those people suck. ;)

Then there are people like me: oh, hello, am I losing any weight off my face? Do I even *have* cheekbones? Hrm, yes, I am losing weight from my face, I can tell by the big, wrinkly turkey waddle hanging from my jawline as the weight comes off. (Really - I know I am, I can in pictures that my eyes and smile are bigger...it's just, well, a long ways to go.)

But I never really had cheekbones to begin with. A friend was just telling me that I have a cute little pointy chin emerging...I present to you, me, as a young'un with no cheekbones and a cute little pointy chin. This is the last day of school - probably kindergarten, with my dear friend Mike.

Anyway - I say this because I continue to notice that my "trouble spots" are my boobs, belly and face - (OH, AND UPPER ARMS - HELLO! Yipes. Holy Batwings.) where the weight is just hanging on for dear life. Some women hate to lose weight in their breasts. I am all for it. :) I really like and appreciate that I am not losing roundness/fullness, but I would happily go back to a time when my breasts didn't pull my spine into a "c"-shape.

So, that's where my remaining 45+ pounds are lingering. My next focus is to work on some stomach muscles and core strength. I am going to want to have a tummy tuck one day, I suspect, and it would behoove me to have some strong muscles under there when I do. I was *amazed* the other day when I realized that I cannot even do one proper sit-up. Here I am feeling so great, and no sit-ups! No tummy strength. It's on the to-do list.

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