Thursday, July 21, 2011

Feelin' Greaty Cuz I Lost Eighty!

Yeah, baby! This feels goooood. The 100-pound mark is within my sights, and I likey! My body is really changing - I should take my measurements again, and my swimsuit photos. Oops, I haven't taken them for the last two months, since the kids were with my ex on my anniversary date two months ago, and last month I didn't want to subject Kim or her husband, Insanity, to taking them. Then I never got around to taking them at all. But now it will be fun to see how much I've changed! I'm really seeing it in my upper body: collarbones, neck, shoulders, etc. Today I had a nasty, nasty root canal appointment, and I'm home now with the babysitter and kids. When I walked in, our babysitter said right off the bat, "Wow, you are looking skinny!" and the kids all agreed. I feel it, too. There have been a few times during this weight loss process where my body just noticeably changes in a short time, and happily, this is one of those times!

I stopped at Nordy's and bought a couple new bras, too. I noticed in recent pictures that my rather substantial breasts were flumping off to the side again. I want the girls high and tight! I wish I were a lady of luxury who could buy lots and lots of new clothes and bras, it is such a nice feeling. I'm a 38G now - my last bra was a 40G and it doesn't seem like all that long ago that I bought it. I had a moment where I was torn between frugality and vanity: in another brand, I was a 36G, but the one I bought was a the smaller size for more money? Tempting, tempting. :) Funny how my mind works! I went for the cheaper one in a brand that I always love (Wacoal?).

Ah, I think that's all I've got for right now. It is a good day, despite the two-hour root canal. Now I will take a nap and let the anesthesia wear off. Oh! When I was on the nitrous gas, I had a moment that just cracked me up - I kept thinking about what a circular question and answer this was. I am easily amused. I should also point out that I have no nerves about going to the dentist, but after having my children (all drug-free births) I decided that I would be a fool to turn down a legal high, so I get the nitrous whenever possible. (Sometimes when I write this blog, I think about sending myself to some sort of 12-step program, haha!)

Anyway - I was on the gas and had received the shots to numb my mouth. "How's that numbing," the hygienist asked.

"I'm definitely feeling it," I said.

We both kind of paused, then started laughing. I was stoned, so I laughed a little harder, haha. "Definitely feeling it," wasn't really answering the question too well - was I feeling numb, or still feeling sensation? She rephrased the question. "Are you numb?"

I think you had to be there. :) But it was funny. And if I could carry around a cannister of nitrous, I would, and I would recommend it for all of us, too. Now, where is that 12-step meeting?

Edited to add: I am still having trouble commenting on a lot of blogs. It is driving me a little batty. Ordinary Girl Starts Extraordinary Journey, Manda's Life, Waning Woman, today I have tried like everything to comment on your recent posts, to no avail. :( If I follow your blog, I do read them and love them, but the commenting problems have pretty much turned me off from making many comments. I wish blogger would fix it. :(


  1. Dang about the commenting. Those bloggers need to change their embedded comments, right?

    Looking forward to the swimsuit pictures, because, honey, they don't lie.

    I love the 80s too! Congrats.

    Oh, and I think it's funny you call S "Insanity". He just started up again, doing a P90X-Insanity Hybrid. Can't wait to see his 6 pack again!

  2. Love the 80s! Awesome job! I also got new bras recently - took advantage of Lane Bryants buy 2 get 2 free....boy did I need some new ones.

  3. Yeah for 80!!!

    Boo for dental work!!!

    I was having commenting problems too and someone suggested I use a different web browser. I was using Internet Explorer and whenever I would comment, it would tell me to sign in. I'd do it and it would repeat that. Basically I couldn't comment. So I switched to Firefox and I like it a lot.

  4. Congrats on the 80#! I need to take photos, too. It's been a few months since I have. Fail. I changed my comments from Embedded to PopOut. Will that fix it? Let me know! Thanks for reading!

  5. @Kim, is Insanity not his given name? ;)

    Thanks Jen! I like the Lane Bryant bras, too.

    @Amanda (whispering) - I do most of my blog reading at work and unfortunately can't use a different browser. ;)

    @Ordinary Girl - yep, that works! I test commented on your page this morning!

  6. YAY for 80!!!! And even though I'm just a weensy bit jealous I'm still so freaking happy for you! So the whole bra thing is sure different after losing a significant amount of weight, huh? Glad that you got some new ones, it sure make a big difference in appearance and how I feel when I have a nice new bra

    Oh and the one thing that worked for me (other than embedded vs. popout) was to uncheck the box that says "stay signed in" when commenting, it means I have to sign in a LOT more but at least I can comment! Sheesh, what a PIA.

  7. yay! congrats! so proud of you!

    - Lisa