Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Snohomish River Run - 10/27/12

Me and my sore knee have been sitting on the fence about this event, which will be my second half marathon. Everything in me wants to run this one - except my darn left knee.

Left knee has been told to toughen up and get through it. I'm doing this darn event, even if I have to walk it. I saw my doctor last week, he told me to get some PT, and if that doesn't work, he can do a couple of cortisone injections. My runner friend here in the office continues to urge me to try acupuncture, which I will do.

See, it's not a joint problem, it's an IT band problem. Should be a simple mind over matter issue, in my opinion. :)

The Snohomish River Run is a great event for a newbie like me, who is hoping to KILL my first half marathon time, since we got off to such a slow walking start on the See Jane Run event. I think we only really walked the first mile, but in my mind, we walked the first six miles, so anything I do for this event will be faster.

My new prospective beau, whom we'll just be cheesy and call Lance Armstrong, says that although this course is flat and fast, it also has serious wind issues. He said he cycles this area a lot and if you are riding into the wind, it's a big slowdown. Jen at Runner Maybe talked about the wind at See Jane Run...um, I didn't notice any wind. Just me sucking wind trying to get through it. :) Sweetly, Lance Armstrong is already offering to run the race with me, before we've even met. I think he's looking for a "project" as much as a girlfriend, and well, I am perfectly happy to be his project, haha. Yes, by all means, please help me take this fitness thing to the next level - I'm totally on board.

Windy or not, the course for this event ought to be gorgeous at the end of October. I'm so excited. As much as I am loving cycling, no one has given me any medals or t-shirts. I'm all about the bling, baby, and don't you think it will be fun to have a medal from the very first year of an event?


  1. Woooo! I know you will be AMAZING! I must have met you at See Jane Run because I chatted with Jen before the race.

    I have total faith that you'll get a new half PR!

    Also- have you tried the foam roller for your IT band issues? All I have to say about cortisone injections is that they mask the problem, they don't solve it.

  2. Well you know if you want to walk it I will walk it with your. I have 10 miles on my training plan that week, thought it was 18 but that is the next weekend. I have to wlak 10 miles so I might as well get a medal for it. the course has a 4 hour time limit. We could totaly walk that.

    I don't want you hurting yourself!

  3. Be careful with the knee. don't over do it!! Bu tI think the race sounds perfect. Flat and fast. go for it.

    Can't wait until you meet Lance in person and we get the dish. :)

  4. What a fun blog you have!!

    I also have some IT band issues. I find that taking a break from running (and going biking instead) helps me. A foam roller has also been suggested to me as well by my sister and her husband who are real runners. I just play one on tv. ;)