Thursday, September 13, 2012

Seven Things Thursday

I don't usually think to do this kind of post, but my blog is dusty and I feel like blogging without being particularly cohesive (or coherent, haha). So, a list it is! I couldn't quite come up with ten things this morning, so we'll leave it as Seven Things Thursday.

  1. UW Trevor contacted me for a date tonight earlier this week. We had planned to go out tonight after work, but he texted me this morning that he is home with a sick kid and cannot meet. Ok, UW Trevor is officially off my list. (No offense to sick kid!) That man is the Keyser Soze of the dating world. Too bad, nice guy!
  2. I went out with Greg last night. Maybe someday I'll tell you the back story. Ahhh, the good thing about Greg is that we just fit like hand and glove. I cannot tell you how good it feels just to be in his personal space. I have been through a passel of men since my divorce, and I'm telling you, he's the only one that I've felt this way about. Chemistry: it's funny, really. The bad thing about Greg is that I don't think he feels lucky to be with me. When I'm with him, I feel lucky to be with him: I need that from a partner, too. I have not decided my next move.
  3. I'm taking my dating profile down for awhile. I think, and you all must agree, that I have drawn an excellent crop of high-quality men from the pool this last time around. But dating is exhausting! A few men have emailed me and I just haven't even had the energy to email them back. After awhile, they all kind of start looking the same. Bah. It's time to take a rest.
  4. I wrestled my weight back down to 140 this week, thankfully. I guess I am just cursed with a really crappy metabolism, even with a teeny tummy I will gain weight easily. I was up to 145 recently - after the same old digestion complications and snacking incessantly on Cinnamon Life cereal, which I have banned from my home.
  5. I had a second plastic surgery consult last week, with the doctor I would use if I could have the surgery will use when I have the surgery. This is the fella my WLS recommended. They actually did their residencies together. I really liked him a lot, although standing naked in front of the giant mirror while having your loose skin tugged around: not a good time, no matter how much you like the doctor. A tummy tuck will be $8500. He said he will obtain my records from my primary care doctor and my WLS regarding skin issues (I've always asked my doctors to note skin irritation issues when I go in for appointments). He said he will write persuasively to my insurance requesting that they cover a portion of the surgery, as I am hoping. He also said that he does not think it will be likely. He said that although I have loose skin, I don't have it to any horrible degree. (Why, then, do I refer to it as The Horror, if it is not horrible? I think this is medical proof enough, personally.) He also said that if/when I have a breast lift, I will go from what were once H-cups, are now C-cups, down to A-cups. Urp. My breasts are completely empty. Sad, really. He recommended implants, but would want to do that surgery in phases: lift followed by augmentation. Now we're really dollar-sign dreaming, folks.
  6. Monday was World Suicide Prevention Day, and also my dear art friend/general amusement friend/ideal man's (except for some key flaws) birthday. I told him that it was ironic, since working with him every day frequently pushes me to the edge. In other bad suicide humor, my 13yo daughter was getting ready for school Monday morning and said she needed to wear yellow in support of suicide. :| Umm, I don't think we're really supposed to support it, I said. She laughed when she figured it out. Anyway, I don't blog about it much anymore but I sometimes battle depression, which periodically lead to a spell of suicidal thoughts. I used to take a lot of anti-depressants back in the day, but a couple years ago I gave them up because I wasn't sure where I ended and the medication began. I definitely feel better without them, and exercise is such a major help in this regard! I have not figured out if it is seasonal or what, but I've been back in this dark thoughts rut again and it is rather draining. It's like if a "normal" person has a bad day and they think, "wow, I am having such a bad day." For me, it's "wow, I am having such a bad day - I wish I were dead. Dead would definitely be better than this bad day." What a bummer. I've been battling this again (I do think it's related to the change in seasons, and I do honestly think the smartest thing for me to do when the children are grown is move to a sunny climate) and it is no fun. Happily, though, I know from experience it will pass. I just have to ride my way through it.
  7. I had my bike tuned up and a new chain installed and another new thing replaced (I think it is called a cartridge). I am ready to hit the road this evening after work! I'm very excited to see if this puts an end to my gear-changing problems. The bike shop assures me it will. I also bought a bike rack for my car, so I am travel-ready. Very exciting! I'm going to do some group rides with the Cascade Bicycle Club here shortly. 


  1. That Trevor, what a isht. How many excuses can a guy come up with to cancel dates?

    I'm so excited for you to ride and put that bike rack to good use. So very cool.

    Darn Greg. Darn him and his chemistry.

  2. OOO... PS.... exciting. Hope your insurance will cover part of it for you. I am not even bothering documenting rashes etc... mine has a very clear opt out clause.