Thursday, September 27, 2012


Queen said it for me:

I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like

That's all. That's all I want to do. Everything else is REALLY CRAMPING MY STYLE.

I've become a bit obsessed, I'm afraid. Really, it's all I want to do anymore. It's too bad it's fall and the weather will be changing, but I'm already figuring out how I can ride in the rain. I'll need a bit more gear. :)

Hey - I got a new hair cut this afternoon, I like it a lot:

Hmm, from this angle it doesn't look a whole lot different than the last haircut, but it really is. Much shorter, especially in back:

My dear friend and self-appointed personal stylist found this picture and sent it to me with instructions to go get my hair cut this way, haha. Mine's a little different because I have wavy curls (a by-product of getting older, as my hair has always been stick straight, except for when I was a toddler, when I had lots of curls).

I am very pleased with the cut, and especially because the stylist (new to me!) adhered to my instruction that preparation must be limited to putting stuff in it and tousling it around with my hands while I blow dry. I'm not a fancy girl, but Sabrina is. You see how I have a lot to live up to with her as my stylist:

She's flashy.
Oh golly, I had profound blog thoughts earlier this week and I didn't get them written down! Now I'm completely at a loss. I am having a blast cycling. Love it. I believe I'm going to go buy a bike tonight from craigslist - my main man at work recommended this one.

Update: I'm going to go ahead and put this lame post out there, sans profound thoughts. Later, I'll post something more "meaty" and maybe include a picture of me in my self-tousled hair and corseted denim dress that Sabrina gave me yesterday. I swear I wouldn't recognize me walking down the street, haha.


  1. Love the haircut!!!

    I'm going out for a ride in just a little bit. Waiting for the sun to come up a bit more and morning traffic to settle down.

    Hope you get to ride soon!

  2. What bike recommendation did you get?

  3. Cute hair girl!!! So glad you have a Sabrina in your life to steer your style! She has good taste ...I don't know if she had anything to do with that sweater you have on but I LOVE the color on you!

  4. Linda, it's a bike from craigslist (I have no bike budget, haha). It's a 15" women's Roadhopper for $150. $100 since I am trading in my daughter's bike that is too small for her. This guy buys and rebuilds then resells bikes. I'm excited!

  5. I love that photo of Sabrina. Have you tried that pose?

    My bike is nothing fancy, and I don't have a budget either, but I am curious as to what a good bike would be, so thanks for letting me know. I don't think I'm quite up to investing in a bicycle yet.