Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mustache Dache!

My 13yo daughter and I have been doing a bunch of 5Ks this summer and fall, as you know. While her favorite undoubtedly, so far, anyway, was the Iron Girl 5K at Green Lake, the one I'm really looking forward to is the Mustache Dache on November 17th. Why do I love it so? (Especially after I *just* told you in the previous entry that Men with Mustaches = Invisible to Me. Since I dislike them so, I must have a soft spot for a little occasional mustache tomfoolery. :)

Plus, their website is very cute. It makes me smile every time I see it. 

Someone very witty created their website.
Here's a couple items from their FAQ, which really amuses me. REALLY amuses me:

Q: Do I have to have a mustache to do the race?
A: The Mustache Police will be out in full force on Mustache Dache Day and you’ll be thrown into jail if you’re spotted sans ‘stache…yeah right!  While we encourage all men, women, and children to sport one, it’s not a requirement.
Q: What should kids and women do?  Should we wear a fake mustache?
A: Do fish live in the ocean?  Yes!  Most definitely.  Face painters and purveyors of fake mustaches will be on hand to adorn your upper lip to ensure mustache solidarity.  (Face painting is free, fake mustaches available for a small charge).
Q: What should I wear?
A:  A costume, of course!  We’ll be having a high-powered costume contest administered by strict former East German Olympic judges, so be sure to show up in a very fine get-up.  If a costume is not your slice of pie, we recommend warm clothing that you can comfortably run in and hang out at the post-race party in.  Layers are advised!
Q: Are there prizes?
A:  Yes.  Copious ones.  Remember the Cornucopia from Hunger Games?  There you go.
So, Alli and I are very excited about this event, which is for Movember and men's health and prostate cancer awareness (and because, I think, men want an excuse to grow mustaches, and their women can't give them a hard time if it's for a good cause). Costumes are encouraged, and you know everyone will be sporting a fake 'stache, or a real one if they can grow it.
The course is at Seattle's Magnuson Park, which will be a fun place to hold a 5K:

Check out the website and come join us! Really, even if you aren't in the Seattle area, I think the website is just fun to read, regardless.
And I cannot help but show you this picture of my friend and his son from last Movember. Okay, sometimes I love mustaches, and this is one of my all-time favorite pictures. :)


  1. Ha! What a great idea for a race.
    This makes me miss Seattle!!!

  2. I'm running the Mustache Dache too.

    Lies. I'm injured right now, and hope to be running the Mustache Dache, but might have to walk it instead!

    I just found your blog today! Way to go on all that weight loss! That's amazing!!!!