Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Workout Update 6/4 - 6/10

6/4 - rest, too much running around to do in the evening
6/5 - 35 min and 2.85 miles on treadmill, followed by .5 mile cool-down walk, weight training machines
6/6 - 45 min and 3.28 miles on treadmill, weight training
6/7 - 45 min and 3.66 miles on treadmill, weight training
6/8 - rest
6/9 - rest - field trip to Leavenworth, WA with Alli's orchestra
6/10 - 65 min and 5.06 miles on treadmill, weight training

...for a total of 14.85 miles last week. When I do the weight training machines, I have some that I always do, and some that I rotate. Depends on how I'm feeling, how antsy Blake is to leave, etc.

Always do:
- 100 crunches. I do them in sets of 25, and I make myself do one set at 40 lbs, and the rest at 30 lbs. I'm working toward doing them all at 40 lbs, but I'm a ways off from that goal. Whew. When I get on the machine and see someone had it set at 120 lbs or such, I am FLOORED. HOW can anyone do this? Maybe they're just putting in a higher weight when they leave, so that people like me think they're badass, haha.

- 100 back-something-or-nothers. It's like a reverse crunch. You push against the weight with your lower back, anyway. I think I do all of these at 40 lbs without too much difficulty, but 50 lbs would be too hard right now.

- 100 adductors and 100 abductors - I get these mixed up, but basically these are the machines where you're either squeezing your thighs together or pushing your thighs apart. Either way, it hurts.

Rotate through various machines, different every time:
- 30 various chest, back and arm machines.

So...a few weeks into this, I am noticing several changes, most for the better:

- My daughter is a gym rat! Boy, does she ever keep me motivated to go up there. She's got our workout times planned every night. Knows when we have to skip a night (like tonight, for her orchestra concert), and when we can squeeze it in (like last week, before Blake's band concert). She celebrates when I don't go down to Greg's, haha, because she knows it frees me up to take her to the Y. She is frustrated because her efforts aren't being rewarded on the scale, but I tell her all the time how stinking proud I am of her. The scale will catch up.
- My own weight is unchanged at 142-144, but my clothes are fitting differently and my body feels different: new and improved! I had my hands on my lower back this morning: woowoo! Whose back is that?? Getting some nice tone. Muscles are popping out on my legs...crazy.
- Ugh, loose skin. No miracle cure, here. Yesterday, when I was RUNNING on the treadmill (still amazes me!) my sweatpants were falling down. That was a nice little NSV, but what was NOT COOL is the flap-flap-flapping of my gut! Oh boy. If you could shake that loose skin off, it would be gone, I tell ya.
- There is toning and change going on under all that flab. It used to be that I REFUSED to go out without a stretch cami under my shirt. I haven't even been wearing them, my gut isn't poking out through my tops anymore. So even though it's still a mess - it is getting better. It ain't going away, though, unfortunately.
- Same with my upper arms. I'm working those puppies out like crazy. I see muscles under the loose skin, but I still see a lot of loose skin. :)


  1. Finally, I had more miles than you last week, haha. I was wondering which machines you are using, glad you posted about that.

    Poor Alli. The scale will catch up. However, as I have learned, it's more about the food I eat than the working out. I try to remember that a mile only burns about 100 calories, but I still feel like I deserve a reward after a long (or short) run.

  2. My only advice to your daughter - your diet plays at minimum 75% of her weight loss! I can workout tell the cows come home, but if my eating is not on point I WILL NOT LOSE. By this I mean I have to eat enough calories for my workout level. Now sure where she is with that but I promise get the diet in check and the weight will come off.

  3. sometimes the clothes are the best judge...so congrats on the positive changes!