Monday, June 4, 2012

Workout Update: 5/28 - 6/3

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5/28 - rest (holiday, YMCA closed)
5/29 - 35 min and 3.01 miles on treadmill, weight training
5/30 - rest (Greg's house)
5/31 - 35 min and 2.84 miles on treadmill, but I ran almost the whole way! 5.0-5.2 mph. Weight training
6/1 - rest (Greg's house) - but we did go walk the Redondo boardwalk a few times
6/2 - 35 min and 2.19 miles on treadmill, weight training
6/3 - rest, but did bowl three games with friends :)

The workout week was filled with good stuff and lazy stuff, as you see. I spent two nights at Greg's, and thus skipped the YMCA. Yesterday I *coulda* gone to the Y, but I was a sloth in the morning, then got busy around the house, then had to scramble to get over to Seattle to bowl with my friends in the afternoon.

I was ridiculously happy to have broken 100 for the first time. Next game I got a 125! Then a 99, my usual score, haha.
On Saturday, I was in a funk, plus the insides of my knees hurt when I tried running. So I just walked the whole thing at 4.0 mph, which is still a nice brisk walking pace. Faster than I could ever do, pre-WLS! I was very proud of myself and Alli, though. I was on my way home from Greg's and all I really wanted to do was go home and "sloth." But I called her at her dad's and asked if she wanted to go to the Y with me. She did. I picked her up and we both went and got our gym rat on!

Last night she texted me, again from her dad's and asked, "Goin' to the Y tomorrow?" I am so proud of her. God give me strength to keep up with these workouts, if for no other reason than that my daughter needs it so badly and has thrown her full heart into doing it. She is awesome.

My son, Blake, on the other hand, I'm sure I'll have to drag there again. But football conditioning starts tomorrow and I think that will spur him into gear. Or make him more adamant about NOT going to the Y, since he'll be working out so hard at conditioning camp. (It is a GRUELING workout - I remember it from last year, when I'd pick him up red-faced and sweaty, and he would sleep like a stone every night, haha.)

I don't have much interesting or positive to say about dating right now. :) Greg's daughter (turns 15 this month) continues to really struggle with him dating and me being around. We dialed it back quite a bit, we are dialing it back even more. I think it is a temporary thing - his divorce is quite fresh still (split a year ago, divorced a year in September). I'm sure his daughter is still reeling. Greg and I are trying to find a balance that works - I think we will, but the process is pretty exhausting and draining. More than once (many more times than once), I have found myself wondering if I wouldn't be happier going it alone. Right now, the positives of being with him outweigh the negatives of making it work, so we'll press on! Part of my motivation is that I think these would be struggles I'd face dating any man with children; it is just a reality of being a parent and dating another parent. The fact that Greg is an awesome guy whom I care about very much...well, that makes it worth pushing through the challenges. For now, anyway. :)

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  1. Look at you girls getting your workout on! Great job! Keep the motivation - you are being a great role model for your daughter. :)