Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lose a Half Marathon

Jen at Runner Maybe gave me inspiration to join the Marathon Weight Loss Challenge. The goal? Lose 26.2 pounds in 13 weeks. (This is based off Run with Jess' friend's goal, who wants to lose 26.2 pounds before her first marathon this fall.)

Anyway! How HAPPY am I that I don't *have* 26.2 pounds to lose? CRAZY!! This is the first time in my adult life (starting in my late teens, I'd say) where I can say that. I mean, yes, at 142 pounds, I could actually lose 26.2 pounds - there are certainly lots of 5'3" people around who weigh in the neighborhood of 116 pounds. Not a priority for me, though. Except for all this loose, saggy-baggy skin (which is in the neighborhood of 10-15 pounds, anyway!), I am happy where I'm at.

Except. You *know* I wanna get into my 120s. You *know* I wanna get below 131.5 so I can say I'm half the woman I once was. :)

So I joined Jess' challenge: the half marathon version. 13.1 pounds puts me at 129 pounds, below my "half my size" mark and into my 120s. Yay! This challenge will give me something to work toward since I am busting my bootie at the gym whenever I can. It will hopefully help me avoid the day like I had yesterday (precursor excuse for myself: it was a period day) - a piece of chocolate cake, a piece of fudge, two mini York peppermint patties. Umm, train wreck eating. CHOCOLATE craving day. Isn't that funny how it really does seem to tie to your period? I haven't had one in a couple months (thank you, uterine ablation), and then yesterday I am shoving chocolate in my mouth all day...and wouldn't you know it...a little bit of bright spotting yesterday afternoon. Crazy. (And TMI, hahaha, sorry, it's my blog.)

Okay - so, my plan for success in this challenge:

- Do it. Weigh in weekly, as I'm supposed to.
- Continue exercising like crazy woman. Even when I'm tired and don't wanna go, I sure feel better after doing it
- Log back into my fitness pal. Track eating. Can I really do this? Ugh. I hate tracking. But it's so good for you. And maybe there aren't chocolate binge days in food-tracking-land. Or at least there are no great mysteries as to why your weight loss has stalled out. ;)


  1. I hate tracking also - but we both know it works!!

  2. Oh crap. I saw Jess' challenge and thought it was only for 26.2 At spin class this morning, I thought I would do it **if only** it was 13.1. Fine. Fine. I'm in for 13.1.

  3. Awesome plan and so freaking awesome that you don't have 26 extra pounds laying around waiting to be shed!