Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pencil Test

On March 13th, I wrote in this entry:
While the weight loss has slowed down, my body is still always changing. I cannot tell you how happy I am that my hanging gut no longer hangs onto myself. You know what I mean? It's just a flabby gut now - I am not quite able to do a "pencil test" like I saw on some movie or read in some book a million years ago. How do you know if you need to wear a bra? Put a pencil under your breast and if your breast holds the pencil in place, you need to wear a bra. (That was in the book or movie, haha, I wish I could remember the reference. Probably some Judy Blume book.) Anyway, I will absolutely let you know when my tummy can no longer hold up a pencil, and it feels like it will be very soon.
I am happy to report that this morning, I did that pencil test, and I "passed." :) So even though my stomach is still a disaster area, it is always changing for the better! It won't tighten up to where I'm satisfied without surgery, I think, but it is a sign that even without continued weight loss, my body is continuing to improve!

I just felt you had to know that on this rainy Wednesday afternoon, when I have been on my second day of a bread binge, ugh. Today it was half a banh mi sandwich, yesterday it was too much bread from an order of bruschetta. Both days, I am left miserable and overstuffed: I know that bread gets into my stomach and puffs up like a sponge. I told a friend that I understand the science, and I understand the ramifications, but I have yet to learn the prevention. :) I'm getting there.

I have walked at lunch all week, even though today was nasty outside. I took my Sugar Daddy, and he bought me lunch. Lurve him.

And speaking of great friends, Sabrina brought me a TRUNK FULL of clothes and shoes from her 14yo son to my 11yo son. WOW!! I kid you not - eleven pairs of awesome tennis shoes (Air Jordan's and such). Coats and hoodies and t-shirts. Dress clothes and shoes. You wouldn't believe the major haul of things she gave me. Blake was so excited, and I told Sabrina it was like Christmas morning for me! I normally buy Blake a pair of tennies from Target and he wears them to tatters before I buy another. It's just hard with all these clothes going back and forth to X's, at some point I stopped buying much. Now that boy is super well-outfitted. So cool!


  1. that's really good to know....what a great post.

  2. Bread does me that way too but I was a bread, bagel addict. If I get back into that I end up lost for a few weeks at least. I totally understand!! So awesome about the clothes!!!