Thursday, April 19, 2012

Next Time

I tell you that my weight loss has stalled out a mere six pounds away from my (first) goal...remind me this: you, foolish woman, ate three mini-donuts, a (small piece of) brownie and a tollhouse cookie yesterday. And two small peppermint patties.

Granted, that was a sugar-overdose day, and I am on my period (see rant, below, shortly). But, still. You wanna know why the weight loss has stalled out? That's why. And stop walking by the "treat table" in the office, even though it means taking the long way around the floor.

My period. Remember I had the uterine ablation to stop my periods? Well, it hasn't. Grr. Okay, they are mini, mini, mini periods, but I am still annoyed.

Well, actually, I've been sick this week, battling off a stupid cold every day, so I'm easy to annoy right now, haha. I've been bitchy to coworkers, I am turning a jaded, critical eye on everyone in my life, and I absolutely cannot wait to wrap up in a blankie every night. This is, perhaps, not the best time to make lasting decisions. But I'm still not happy about the period thing.

On the plus side, I had my nails done yesterday (shellac "Tutti Fruitti"), my eyebrows waxed, and today, Sabrina brought me in a super cute pair of little black stretch capri pants. Annnnndddd, my other coworker's husband is bringing me six empty Monster energy drink cans this afternoon so I can use them as pit passes to the Supercross event we're attending on Saturday.

Yup, Supercross. Greg and I are going, and we are bringing his two kids and my 11-year-old son. Greg's (young) adult nephew and girlfriend are also coming up from Oregon to attend with us. This will be the first co-mingling of our children. I took my boys to a similar event a couple years ago and Blake loved it. Reid didn't like the noise or the fireworks. Alli had said she wasn't interested in going, although she did want to change her mind this week, but we've already bought the tickets. I am looking forward to it. Blake is really looking forward to it, and he will be missing a Little League game to attend. I think he has a bit of a man-crush on Greg. I offered Blake a couple options, since it will be a late night: stay at Greg's afterward, or he and I could go home and stay afterward. Blake got a shy little smile and said he wants to see Greg's house. This was very cute, but I do hope, as usual, that I haven't been premature in having them meet. I wouldn't want to see Blake get his heart broken. Or me!

I don't think I am. Greg is awesome and we are having a great time together. He's the real deal, and quite a catch. There are some ways in which he is good for me but that are still a bit of a struggle for me to adapt. He is very practical, and very financially prudent. I am neither, haha. This morning, I wanted us to drive to work from his house. I don't feel good, I didn't want to sit on a crowded bus. My car gets good gas mileage: I can see why he doesn't drive to work as he has a monster truck, but mine is on the fuel-efficient-ish side. He has free parking at work - heck, if I had that, I'd drive every day. Greg pointed out that the bus drops us both pretty much off at our work doorsteps. If we drive, he has to do a loop back to his place through traffic and actually gets to work later. And home later, since he does the reverse loop to pick me up.

Sigh. Yeah. We actually ended up driving, largely because both of us felt like crap this morning and were moving pretty slowly. But I see his point.

For his (early) birthday, I suggested taking him on a charter fishing boat down in Westport, WA. I researched the boats and hotel. But because I needed for us to both take a day off work, and because I wanted to make sure we were fishing for something he actually wanted, I checked with him before making arrangements. He's so sweet. He said he'd be just as happy fishing with me off the jetty as he would on a charter boat. That he has a friend who charters for much less, and that $240 was a lot to pay for a day of fishing. Plus hotel and gas. A "five hundred dollar weekend," he called it. Not necessary. Take the motorcycle down there, fish off the jetty and have just as much fun.

Okay - this is why I have no money in the bank. :) I just don't think this way! To me, it's his birthday, it's something he wants to do, blah blah blah. You see why he's good for me? Hmmm, how practical to not go overboard when there's a less expensive alternative that's just as fun. I will admit that I have noticed a rather positive change in my bank account balance since I've been seeing Greg. It turns out all that drinking and eating out I was doing with Cappy and my friends? Well, that shit adds up. :) Yesterday was the day before payday and I was reveling at how nice it was to still have money in the bank, haha.

Good for me. But I'm also a spoiled brat, so it will not be without growing pains to adapt to this way of life.


  1. You be the saver now. I'm spending an arm and a leg traveling to races, it's my turn.

  2. Glad he is having a positive affect on your life and bank account! ;-) Hope you have fun this weekend!

  3. Sounds like a great guy and there are a ton of positive changes in your life. :)