Monday, January 23, 2012


Well, that week sure went by quickly, didn't it? Let's see, Monday was the MLK holiday and I was home from work Tuesday-Thursday for impending snow and actual snow. Today, nothing short of a blizzard would have kept me home from work. CABIN FEVER! I would make a most miserable hermit, I tell you. I wouldn't last a day in solitary confinement, either.

Anyway - back to the real world. The snow days weren't entirely unproductive, although I did watch more tv than I have in a long time. I also completed several lingering, but entirely unnoticeable, household chores. I scrubbed in, on and under the microwave oven. I stood on the kitchen counters and scrubbed cobwebs from the corners. I took down the Christmas lights and raked up the last of the maple leaves from the front yard. (The back yard is still about 3' deep in maple leaves, plus now there's 5-6" of snow added to the top. It will continue to be a wet, stinky job to put them in the yard waste bin. Note to future self: the leaves will not go away on their own. Rake them while they are dry. You have been warned!

Friday afternoon, I indulged in a little unnecessary retail therapy. I blame SBUX, because the SBUX in my lobby was closed due to weather. So I had to walk through the tunnel to the other location. And in between, there was the shoe shine stand selling cute vintage silver jewelry. If I am going to fall for jewelry, it will be cute silvery stuff.

I feel so dainty. And it was sized perfectly for me. :)
Cute! And Sexy Sabrina is working on me to do a dramatic short hair style. She was pushing for a major change in hair style tied to my 100 pound loss, but I let her down by only getting a trim. ;) We are arguing about whether or not I have a mannish face. I say mannish at best, carp-like at worst. She saw a barista at SBUX with a very cute pixie-like cut and immediately jumped on it for me. She says the barista is cute but I'm even cuter. Is it any WONDER I was desperate to get back into work to see Sabrina?? :)

My weight is stuck, and don't think I don't know the reason. I've been eating and drinking like I plan on hibernating.

I meant to post this on Friday but ran out of time. Later today I will be back with an actual weight-loss related post, and it is not a good one. Grr.


  1. Oooooh, I'm a sucker for silver jewlery also. I love your new pretty one! And, duh, of COURSE, it was SBUX fault, I mean really, how dare they close in inclement weather forcing you to walk by a cart of silver jewlery! ;-)

  2. Cute bracelet! I am sucker for cute jewlery also!