Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One Year Surgery Anniversary (Surgiversary)

Oh, I'm still not all that wild about the word "surgiversary," but you can't beat it for summing it up! :)

One year ago today I started on an amazing journey. I cannot begin to say how happy I am with my decision to have VSG. I have lost 112 pounds, and I am 11 pounds off my first goal of a "normal BMI." Amazing. A year ago, I was battling depression and I had reached a point of utter futility and hopelessness in many facets of my life. VSG surgery was an opportunity, a gift I gave myself to try to shake up my life the way it so desperately needed.

It worked. :) I have always known I am strong. I have lost weight and battles the associated demons of obesity many times in my life. What I couldn't do was keep the weight off. This lead to that increasing feeling of futility. Losing weight meant gaining more back. I could not bear the thought of weighing any more than I did.

At the same time, I also had reached a point where I didn't give a rip what I weighed anymore. I knew the path I was on, and I knew it was a bleak and grim path, and I just didn't care. It was time for a major upset in my life, and I pursued surgery exactly as it was: a lifeline.

Wow! And here I am! A hottie-patottie! And just to show that even 112 pounds lighter, it is still a battle of mental imagery. This morning on the bus, I felt fat. My thighs were squished out on the seat, the banded waist of my cute new top (you like?) had rolled up. Ugh.

I got to work and checked myself in the full-length mirror. Oh no, not fat! Hawt!! You go, girl! It's your surgiversary and you RULE THE WORLD!! ;)

Here's some pics. Later this week I'll pontificate on some one-year post-op thoughts, wins and losses, dragons slayed and demons still in tow. But today, I just wanna look at my one-year collage and this morning's pic. :)


  1. You look beyond fabulous today. That top is great and those black pants...where are your hips, skinny minny? Wow, just wow. You do rule the world.

  2. Awwww, my little butterfly Julie, finally you are FREE!!!

    I LOVE your timeline girl you just look amazing!

  3. Well you are FO SHO not fat...but I totally understand still feeling it. You actually look tiny! How about you call it sleeve cupleanos?

  4. I love how your poses get more sassier as the year goes by. :)