Thursday, January 12, 2012

If You're Gonna Lie - Make Sure Your Friends Are in on it First

Not lying, really, just non-disclosure. You know, more and more I think when I started dating Cappy I should have just said, "Hi, I'm Julie, I had WLS." I think, now, the perfect opportunity would have been when he first saw me naked, and I could have said, "Uh, yes, well, this requires some sort of explanation, doesn't it?" Hahaha!

SERIOUSLY! When does this come up in conversation? We are laughing and talking about whatever, enjoying ourselves, and I just have not felt like bringing it up.

Oh, but my friends will. >:) God bless 'em, every one.

Last night, we're out for the big birthday festivities - it's me and Cappy and my three closest friends. Regretfully, my Sugar Daddy has been very ill for days now and could not join us. Sexy Sabrina was also having a horrible medical day and couldn't make it. But we had a really wonderful evening.

Scene: cozy Capitol Hill bar, the five of us seated on two leather couches facing each other. One of the leather couches (mine and Cappy's) is very uncomfortable, by the way. We are sharing several plates of sushi and drinking yummy cocktails.

Friend #1 to Friend #2, proudly: So did you get to see our little Julie's transformation year collage??
Julie: (making SHUT UP faces wildly at Friend #1)
Friend #1: (looking confusedly at Julie, mouthing "What? What?")


Bahaha. Ooops, I guess I tell them everything, but forgot to tell them that I hadn't mentioned the weight loss to Cappy.

I don't think there was any resolution to that issue. I have no idea if/what Cappy interpreted from this, thankfully he was engrossed in his sushi and at least appeared unaware of what was going on.

As soon as Cappy got up to go to the bar, Friend #3 smart-assedly declares, "Alright - let's get your lies straight - what does this guy know about you and what have you led him to believe?"

I told friends, "Oh, I forgot to tell you - I'm 35 and I don't have any kids. Don't blow my cover." :)

Anyway, my friends really like him, and I do, too. He likes them. It's a big lovefest. The men are planning March Madness viewing parties. It is making it difficult for me to set and/or enforce term limits as he is ingratiating himself in with my peeps. I, being an overthinker and overanalyzer, have not decided what role Cappy plays in my life, but I am surely enjoying spending time with him in the meantime.

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